Topic: Whats the first thing you are going to do when you get the 3DS?

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1) Scream like crazy so people looking at you will laugh, but then keep on screaming untill they look worried or scared.
2) Go into a touchdown pose - Bonus if your getting Madden 3D.
3) Jump around the store like you just got a basketball shot from half court.
4) Go to the back of the line and openly mock them untill they get their 3DS . . . then ask for their friend code.
5) Do the same as 4 but to the people who didn't preorder the 3DS and did not get one that night. Don't ask for their friend code (They don't have a 3DS)
6) Get your brand shiny, new 3DS and go outside and try to sell it.
7) Just get your brand shiny new 3DS and go home, fall asleep then show everyone you know the next day about how cool you are. (Thats what I'm doing anyway, hopefully the cool kids at my school will finally accept me for being human)
8) Get all the games, go home and play them while drinking way too much soda and possibly passing out due to lack of sleep.
9) Go outside, take out your 3DS, and exclaim "" then drop your beloved 3DS and smash it up. (If you really do this . . . you are a monster. At least give someone your stylus.)
10) Do whatever you want, it will be an exciting night, and many tears of joy will come out of you - you crybaby.

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Kill the battery before charging
OH, then make a Mii, and a quick save file on all of my launch games (for streetpass purposes), then check out my AR cards

New name, same game.
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11) Take a deep breath and...

The first thing I'll do with my 3DS is charge it.

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Hug the Box

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Take pics and post on ebay/craigslist.



1] Charge the 3DS.
2] Kiss the box then do the cancan.
3] Make a Mii or transfer a Mii.
4] Play or try out the games i got.
5] Buy the NYKO! Charger pack.
6] Check the AR Cards then buy Club Nintendo's Big AR Cards if i have enough coins.
7] Wait until the eShop comes in the update.
8]Transfer my DSiWare to the 3DS.
9] Walk around with my 3DS and see if i get somebody's Miis.
10] Sell or trash my PSP.
11] Jizz in my pants.
12] Tell someone in my country to buy it.
13] make a website called""so that every 3DS fan would write stuff about it.
14] Smash my PSP with a hammer from Donkey Kong.
15] Keep it in a secret spot so nobody would get it.

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Scream like a Sailor Moon School girl of course.
Before opening up the Amazon box that will incase the little 3D Aqua-tastic dream machine, I'll most likely clean up, put on some Retro nintendo 8-16 bit tunes, light up some trippy candles and savour the moment as I slowly unbox it muhaha.

I just don't know weather i should fire up Nintendog's + Cats, SSFIV 3D or PilotWings first.....None of these titles excite me sadly. but their '3D' does!



WaveBoy wrote:

, put on the Super Mario 25th Anniversary soundtrack, light up some trippy candles and savour the moment as I slowly unbox it muhaha!

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This one to be exact.



Well the first thing I would do once I get my 3DS is probably wet myself



Find a wifi hospot and download the E-shop update.

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Run home to my 3DS shrine and offer up a sacrifice in thanks for the blessing that has been bestowed upon me.


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Nibble on the corner to make sure it's real.

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Honestly? I'll mess around on the menus, test all the preinstalled software out, try the AR games, and then plug in whatever game I get with it. :3



I will stare at the box for some hours.
Charge it, while telling my big bro it's mine and he can't touch it yet.
See the AR and the 3D for my self.
Run in circles around my parents and force them to try the AR and 3D themselves.
Take some TRHEEEE DEEEEE photos.
Run in circles around my parents and force them to see the photos.
Play a DS game.
Store it until may.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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Pick up my pre-ordered 3DS about 9am, wait through a day of University, get home at 7pm, head straight out to a youth club that I help out at, get back 9:30pm and finally get to play my 3DS!

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