Topic: What's Style Savvy about?

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I saw this in the e-shop you got to go to search button & hit all software then hit apply filter's anyway's.

I'm starting to get into extreme girly games again to make a long story short when I was little it was a mix between tomboyish video games & extreme girly video games.

Anyway's just curious if anyone has played this before on earlier consoles/handhelds & if its good.

I never played style savvy before from the video in the e-shop it look's really fun...

I also can't wait for Sparkle Snapshots 3DSware to come out so taking some embarrassing pictures of my pet cockatiel Sunny he hates having his picture taken lol. This will be great! Can we say:

Pretty in pink

lol so gonna fun with that app.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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Style Savvy was actually a pretty decent game,even if it was a girls game.

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I read Savvy as "Snivy" for a moment.

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