Topic: What will your first 3DS game purchase be?

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Resident evil, but if I can't find it, any other game.

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Hopefully Ocarina of Time 3D, but I also wouldn't mind having Classic Games. Hopefully it isn't just a tech demo, because playing Mega Man 2 in 3D would be excellent.

That is all.

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PilotWings 3DS ...not sure when I'll be able to afford a 3DS, though X_X



Kid Icarus, Metal Gear, and Mario Kart. I also want to try Paper Mario.

Games I'm Looking Foward To Most -

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Kid Icarus Uprising


Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Paper Mario look like the only 2 that are necessities for me.

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Animal crossing 3ds, Mario Kart , Resident evil and Metal gear solid. Well since no one else said just one game I guess It'll be whichever one gets scanned first.

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Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and a Purple 3DS (if there will be one on launch day).


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Kid Icarus
Nintendogs + Cats (don't hate, that was my first DS game! )
Animal Crossing
probably the first few, I still haven't beaten Zelda Twilight princess so I might hold out on OoT, oh and non nintendo
RIIIIDGE RACEEEERrr! lol maybe haven't had a decent racing game since like PS1, (or maybe mariokart)
Kingdom Hearts, if it gets good reviews, 7 is gonna cut it again like the last KH on DS. =/
and proffessor layton

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If we had an actual launch list, I'd be able to pick (since I would be getting it at launch). xD As it stands though, I'd like Paper Mario or Kid Icarus: Uprising. I could settle for almost any launch game if it was one shown off at e3 though. o.O



i honestly don't know... if the 3ds releases before B&W... oh dear...

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Kid Icarus Unless MGS will be a launch than that

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hey theswweet, lucario's my fave! but on topic, definitely Animal Crossing or Paper Mario.

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im asking for my x-mas (next year not this one) a 3ds and resident evil but i will probably ask for kid icarus,street fighter 4,kingdom hearts,paper mario,Loz:OoT 3ds,starfox64 3ds so maybe a saints row



I'll go with Star Fox, LoZ, Paper Mario, and Pilotwings. The N64 special.

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Zelda for sure, maybe metal gear, and maybe splinter cell or resident evil.



Either Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart or Paper Mario - they all look fantastic.



Kid Icarus: Uprising. I will forgive Pit's "Sorry to keep you waiting!" by buying this game immediately.

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