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Hi all,

I want to get a screen protector for my 3DS. This is how I have kept my DSi XL screens looking new but I have noticed there are two main styles of screen protectors particually for the upper screen. There is one style that covers the whole upper section (including holes for the speakers) and then there other screen proctectors that only cover the section that represents the screen.

What do you have, what brand and how is it working?



I keep my dust cloth between the screens when it is closed and I only clean the screen with the cloth. Is a screen protector really needed?

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i only use a screen protector on my bottom screen, and i use the generic one that comes with the DS

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None here - I used to be a freak about using screen protectors but now I don't bother worrying about them anymore. I don't like how they can dull the screen colors and also reduce the touch sensitivy. I take good care of my equipment so not expecting it to get scratched up anyway...



I use the "cloth between screens" variety !

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I don't. Sure, it gets a little dusty, but I'll occasionally wipe the console with a cloth or the complementary Nintendogs paw shaped screen cleaner that I received back in 2005. =D


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don't have one, my screen doesnt get scratched

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take good care of my 3DS, so no need for screen protectors

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I just noticed in the sun that my 3DS has a bunch of speckles on both screens, mainly the bottom. I can't seem to whipe them off with my LCD cloth, but if a slightly use my finger nail to gently scratch them they do seem(or some) to come off. Maybe I should used a tiny bit of water....Anyways, i still won't resort to screen protectors.



I'm not sure what my screen protectors brand is. I like screen protectors though!

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I just got one called "Film Protector Guard Film" and it works great!

One covers the whole top screen with holes for the speaker and the inside camera and the other completely covers the touch screen.

You have to look really hard to even notice they are on and I can play my 3DS more confidently knowing these screen protectors are on. I know I will have this system for a while. They also help cut down on glare.



I don't use screen protectors either. Just keep in a case when I travel.



Unfortunately PowerA, hori screen protectors weren't out and I needed a temporary solution.
Also if you don't use screen protectors can you not comment, thanks.



My screen protector destroyed my touchscreen.

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I have a great way to keep my 3DS screen protected. It's a highly scientific process.
It's called the (keep yo hands off my stuff) method. Nobody touches it but me.
Works wonders. Haven't got a scratch yet.

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I use the mad Catz on my 3ds because they are the only ones licensed by nintendo. Also i got some free Styli (Styluses maybe?) with it

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I don't like screen protectors. I used to use them all the time but just quit for some reason. My screen really don't get scratched, I just get the dust of with a little cloth. No biggie.


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