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I'm thinking you can play on a AR card and also Where you do level builder

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I want the Temple again. That level is amazing.

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I just wanna see a lot of stages inspired by various Nintendo games that have come out since brawl. Some that instantly come to mind include:

-Mario Galaxy stage: This could be such a cool stage if they somehow implemented the gravity gameplay of Galaxy. Either that or have one of the more well-known bosses from the game in the background such as King Kaliente.

-Kirby's Epic Yarn stage: They could get pretty creative with this one visually. It seems like an obvious choice for the Kirby stage of the next Smash.

-Donkey Kong Country Returns stage: Again, a very obvious choice for the DK stage. I'd be very surprised if such a stage wasn't in the game.

Professor Layton Stage: They might not want to add Layton as a character (as much as I would love it, I understand he would be difficult to implement) but a Laayton stage could be very interesting. Similarly to how Warioware microgames would come up on its stage in Brawl, simple puzzles could pop up on this Layton stage. Also, hint coins could be hidden around to serve some type of purpose.

Zelda Skyward Sword stage: Skyward Sword will be out well before the next Smash so I fully expect to see a stage themed around it. Not sure what they would do with it since I haven't played the game

Paper Mario stage: This one isn't a game that was only out after Brawl but I really really want to see it! Paper Mario simply doesn't have enough representation in Smash games. I would really love a stage based around the series but having Paper Mario as an actual character would be AMAZING!!! And it wouldn't be a clone of Mario since Paper Mario has unique moves like the hammer or all those fancy paper things he does like turning into a paper airplane. I hadn't given this much thought before now....but now I really want this for a character! Why have they not done this yet!?

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kkslider5552000 wrote:


YES!! That's what I'm talking about! That would seriously be the most perfect Paper Mario stage setting! They could have thugs run by every now and again that hit you. And Don Pianta and his guys could also come by and grab someone. Now THAT would be a fantastic stage

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Perhaps Skyloft and a Galaxy stage.
Also, I'd like the levels to be less "platform-ish".

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Hmm...well, I want Hyrule castle from N64; Princess Peach's Castle and Termina(sp?) Bay from Melee; and Bridge of Elden, Halberd, and Smashville from Brawl. Also, I want a Pokémon Stadium 3 with MUCH better transformations than PS2.

Fighting on AR cards is a really good idea .

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As long as I can fight on the back of Great Fox, I'll be happy.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


They should also have "Recreated Stages" just as they have past stages.

I'd want:

Saffron City
Hyrule Castle
Fountain of Dreams
Mute City
Great Bay
Icicle Mountain
Peach's Castle (N64)
DK Raft (forgot the what it's called- Konga Falls or something? It's the other DK stage in Melee).

These levels would be completely recreated and would not look entirely like they did originally (just as Past Stages look the same). Their layout are the same, but they'll be using the same engine SSB4 stages are based off.

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I want Bowser's Castle to be in the game. There could be thwomps and fireballs. (yum) or a tetris stage where you have to avoid the blocks.



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