Topic: What Mario power-ups do you want to see in the future?

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The Hammer Bros. Suit, Boomerang Flower, Rock Mario, Bee Mario, Boo Mario and Blue Shell are all power-ups I would like to see return in the future. I personally have never experienced the use of the Hammer Bros. Suit, but having fun with the Boomerang Flower, I think it would be awesome to have around in a Super Mario 3D Land 2 or a DLC pack for NSMB2/U in the future. There is plenty of potential with these power-ups to make a more explorative Mario platformer experience whether it be as a sidescroller or 3D game.

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dino mario?

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WereMario. He bites his enemies and gives them all rabies...or turn them into were-whatevers, or whatever.
Also, bring the Mega Star back from SPM.

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Even though I don't particularly like The Lost Levels all that much, the idea of negative "power-ups" is still intrigues me. Like, say, items in inconveniently placed bricks that can make Mario lose his usually excellent traction (even in non-ice stages), make Mario run too fast (especially in areas that require precise platforming), or attract swarms of enemies to relentlessly chase after Mario. You know, just things to throw off player's sense of comfort and familiarity, especially series regulars, and keep them on their toes.

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

WereMario. He bites his enemies and gives them all rabies...or turn them into were-whatevers, or whatever.

You mean something like this? (Artist is RatchetMario from DeviantArt)

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