Topic: What is that giant Pokemon in CoroCoro?

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There are loads of rumors to what the new Pokemon is. I think it is probably Zygarde because it is confirmed that he is in the next movie and Pokemon Z or the next 6 gen game is probably coming next. Also, the Pokemon was described as having green pentagons flashing on its body. Zygarde has green pentagons on its body. In addition, it may be a Volcanion form.

However, (despite the fact that it is probably one of the above) I hope it is the original dragon type Pokemon from the Unova region (a fusion between Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom). This is extremely unlikely as you would think that they would have done it in 5th gen, but it would be amazing. Zygarde could be awakened by the original dragon Pokemon. Also, Kalos could have been at war with Unova 3000 years ago (there was a war in Unova with the 2 brothers) so Unova could be relevant. Game Freak could even go as far as letting you travel to Unova. This is unlikely but I am still extremely hyped for the next Pokemon trainer game and the next Pokemon movie!

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This topic is already being talked about in the Pokemon Z thread... sort've.

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Blast wrote:

This topic is already being talked about in the Pokemon Z thread... sort've.

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Again, please try to find an existing thread where to post before creating more.

As others have mentioned, there's the Pokemon Z thread, and I'm sure we also have a general Pokemon thread.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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