Topic: What games do you want localized?

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ekreig wrote:

Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

@BusteRed123 and everyone else interested in this game: there's a group of fans dedicated to translating it. They're already three cases in, and shall finish the last two cases in near future. Playing it will require you to jump through some hoops, and a bit of familiarity with computers. It's worth it though: all the text is translated expertly. They even modified art assets and recorded English voices. Download and information here.

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Unfortunately Square Enix has become a terrible company. They drive one of their two best and revolutionary franchises into the ground, and prevent the other one from being released overseas.

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It would be cool to get Sega's Hero Bank but that'll probably never happen and I don't know how good it looks anyway.



How about rent a hero, I guess it would need to be chosen for the 3D treatment first, wanted to try that game for years now don't think its ever been officially translated, learned about it through fighters megamix on saturn.



I really want Fantasy Life to come to Europe. And as some mentioned before, the Phoenix Wright collection (shouldn't be hard, the Japanese version already has the English language available!). I never played one of the games and I don't have the other two, I would love to play and have them. Also kind of bummed that Rune Factory 4 was never released here, but by now it probably never will.

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The Ace Attorney Trilogy is on its way over!!! Hopefully some of these other games will be localized too.

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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Far East of Eden
Far East of Eden 2
Far East of Eden Zero
Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom version).
Dragon Quest VII 3D
Captain Rainbow
Ai Cho Aniki
Ninja Gaiden (PC Engine).

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I want that Attack on Titan game, the Project Mirai games, and LovePlus cause I'm a huge weeb.


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