Topic: What games do you want localized?

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Dragon Quest VII, Rocket Slime 3 and Game Center CX 3 are the big ones for me. I'd include Theathrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call too, but I would be stunned if that one somehow remains a Japan exclusive.

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Dragon Quest VII 3D, Fire Emblem 6 and 12, Yakuza I+II, the rest of Shining Force III (maybe as a collection for current gen consoles), Yakuza 5, Valkyria Chronicles 3 I think are the ones I want most.

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EX troopers, Monster Hunter Frontier G and some of the past FE games (Binding Blade mainly)
I do have a Japanese Wii U and 3DS so I can play some of them(I did download the E.X. Troopers demo and I own all Fire Emblem games if you count the remakes other than Binding Blade and 9&10), but Frontier only works if you are in Japan...

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The Ace Attorney Collection that's being released in Japan next week.


Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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MAN1AC wrote:

The Ace Attorney Collection that's being released in Japan next week.


I WANT THAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Just sticking to 3DS games, given this is in the 3DS section:

  • Dragon Quest VII
  • E.X. Troopers
  • Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2
  • Dynasty Warriors VS
  • Beyond the Labyrinth


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If I were in a sealed room wiht a i girl i'd probaly
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Mizore wrote:

I want Monster Hunter 4G localized...............this year. xD
(I'm impatient, shaddap, lol)

I support this

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fantasy life and harvest moon connect to a new world

and thats a fact jack

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

sinalefa wrote:

Theatrhythm Curtain Call.

this is a boring pick since it's gonna come out here and you know that

My answer as usual is Rocket Slime 3D.

Question was what game I wanted localized, not what game with a slim chance of being localized I wanted.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


I want Gaist Crusher because it's made by Treasure.



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All of the Ganbare Goemon series of which I own most of the J-Nintendo versions.



Dragon Quest VII.

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Dragon Quest VII is the main one for me.



Dragon Quest Vll
Dragon Quest Monster 2
High School DxD
E.X. Trooper
Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
Unchained Blades Exiv



ekreig wrote:

Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

@BusteRed123 and everyone else interested in this game: there's a group of fans dedicated to translating it. They're already three cases in, and shall finish the last two cases in near future. Playing it will require you to jump through some hoops, and a bit of familiarity with computers. It's worth it though: all the text is translated expertly. They even modified art assets and recorded English voices. Download and information here.

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Unfortunately Square Enix has become a terrible company. They drive one of their two best and revolutionary franchises into the ground, and prevent the other one from being released overseas.

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