Topic: What game have you spent the most time on.

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Highest time : Devil survivor Overclocked 120 hours on my 3DS atleast
Highest time ever:
275 hours on Pokemon White.

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Probably Majora's Mask. Why, in just a little under an hour I can play for three days!

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Internet browser, friend list, Notifications, Nintendo eshop? dude read the name of the topic. "What game have you spent the most time on." GAMES dude , GAMES -.-

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@GrooseMarioFan: Alexneon has a point (though he could've phrased it a bit nicer, haha). Try playing more games with your gaming console and then get back to this thread :3

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future of NL >:3
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599?! Thats not a lot... for hardcore gamers (like yours truly) Though it took me some 200 hrs to beat the twilight princess. ( got lost in the sky temple)

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Mmmmmm, in general- Final Fantasy X (around 360 hours)
On 3DS- probs Mario Kart, but only about 30 hours
DS- one of the Kingdom Hearts games, to the tune of around 76 hours

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TheSolarKnight wrote:

Probably Super Smash Bros Brawl or Team Fortress 2 (prior may be from idling).

omg I was gonna say the same thing!! Minus the idling.

but there was a time... a very dark time... when I would shake every single tree in Animal Crossing everyday. I'm not proud of it.



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