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I like to learn stuff that nobody ever cares about, the backstory for the svary in guild wars 2,what the slender man is, and most notably how the caramilk fudge-ish stuff goes in the chocolate. But something that I really like to do is see every day on my activity log what I played and most importantly how many hours I play a game. I am proud to say that I played the legend of Zelda: ocarina of time for a whopping one hundred and fifteen hours and on minute. What game do you have the most time spent on?

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Not the most time I've spent on a game (it'd have to be a Pokémon game for sure, I've played several of them into the thousand-hour range), but I am quite proud/horrified of the fact that I've played nearly 180 hours of Skyrim since I got it Christmas day.

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Lol 223 ( not skyrim hours actual hours) for me.

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Deffinately Zelda: ocarina of time if we've talking 3DS. For DS I've actually been playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 a number of years now trying to get all 300 side quests.

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Keep in mind that I meant the 3d version of ocarina of time I played through it on the vc a couple times cause I didn't and still don't have it 4 the n64 but I did play it at friend's houses

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I played 212 hours of Pokemon Black and I caught em all.

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Probably Super Mario 3D Land. I luvs me some Mario platformers!

Or one of the Mario vs DK games. I'm addicted to the level creator.

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Pokemon Emerald. 300+ hours...

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Overall it would probably be Ragnarok Online simply because I've played on 2 servers (well both the same but up at different times) and cumulatively I've wasted more of my life on that game than any other ><

Now recently the game I've spent the most time on so far would be Rune Factory Frontier since nearly all my other games I've been playing no more than 2 hours each play session (and those play sessions sometimes happens only once a week and usually are less than an hour), followed by Mario Kart 7 which so far I've played over 20 hours on. Right now I'm trying to finish Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my 360.



Zelda: Twilight Princess for sure. With all save files combined (And a few I've erased), I'm over the 200+ hours (or even more.)

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I played Ridge Racer 3D for over 60 hours.

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LordTendoboy wrote:

Probably Super Mario 3D Land. I luvs me some Mario platformers!

Or one of the Mario vs DK games. I'm addicted to the level creator.

No, you're addicted to Swap Note.



Animal Crossing: Wild World has 107 hours on my 3DS just from checking back every one or two days. I've gone through numerous game cartridges with that over the years, which probably adds up to over 1000 hours. XD It's funny, because I don't play that game anymore.

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resident evil mercenaries, 139 hrs so far

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Longest 3DS Game: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (70+ hours)
Longest DS Game: Pokemon Heart Gold Version (100+ hours)

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3ds: PES 2012

overall: no idea. i played an mmo called flyff. pretty sure that sucked the most time. happy i have quit that sh1t.
honorable mentions: san andreas, age of empires 2, rollercoaster tycoon 2, anno 1602

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Phantasy star online 994 hours
Monster hunter tri 1458 hours

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According to my activity log:

Longest played DS game:Pokemon Black (75:45)
Longest played 3ds game:Mario Kart 7(45:49)



Probably Super Smash Bros Brawl or Team Fortress 2 (prior may be from idling).

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Tough one..
So far i think it has to be Pokemon Blue.. had that game since release and didnt get a new pokemon game till D/P/P. easily 1000 hours or more

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