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Luigi78 wrote:

F-Zero , Viewtiful Joe (in fact anything by Capcom, a Killer 7 sequel would be sweet!) Madworld, Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Pinball , A Tales of .............. game , I'd also love someone to make a western style RPG, I get a little tired of the Japanese spiky haired variety on my handheld (as much as I like em), its always nice to have choice. Oooh also Mario Golf and Tennis I think 3D would benefit most of these games.

Tales of Symphonia would be awesome

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I hope Super Meat Boy gets released on it. I wanted to play that so bad.



Well, the single game I'd love to see on the 3DS is Elite, the 1985 space trading game. Not technically or visually impressive when compared to modern games, but it somehow seems to have been made for the DS, in my opinion.

This is a slightly biased opinion, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some "homebrew" GBA source code of Elite which I part-ported to DS and have running as DSiWare on some development hardware. As yet, it isn't using the touch screen as I just don't have any spare time to put into finishing it off, but my vision of it has the scanner occupying the bulk of the touch screen with other HUD elements drawn semi-transparent in the corners of the main 3D screen. The rest of the touch screen would be occupied with icons to operate the less used controls. I planned to avoid using the touch screen for analogue direction controls as this simply removes access to so many other buttons which are useful for the main combat controls.

As soon as I knew about the 3DS, I knew I wanted to get the game running on that hardware. I imagine it would look amazing on the 3D screen. I wouldn't have texture mapped polys, I think they would look wrong for the game, but I would add lighting based on the position of the sun. The additional circle pad would really help with the controls.

The sad thing is that even if I do realise this dream, I will be the only person to enjoy it as there is no way I would get permission from the copyright holders to release the game. Even if I did get permission, I don't think I could get Nintendo to let me release it as it was never designed as anything other than an English language game and I think it'd be pretty hard to get it translated as a lot of the text in the game is actually generated by mathematical algorithm which wouldn't really work without major changes for each language.

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How about a Mario vs. Sonic game, with a fairly epic storyline.

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MetalMario wrote:

Syd-Valak wrote:

tristenj1992 wrote:

I want it. That's one more post saying so for Nintendo to see and consider.

That would be really awesome. XD Although, I don't see why people don't seem to like Brawl as much as Melee. The only thing I miss is the faster paced fighting. I love how Brawl has all this extra content.

Brawl was awesome, I just like the gameplay in Melee more as well.

I also prefer the gameplay in Melee. However, the added content was definitely a plus.



My list:
Tales of... (a new one)
The World Ends with You 2
Monster Hunter
Fire Emblem (no remakes)
Super Smash Bros.
a new game like Devil May Cry or Bayanetta
a new games like Kingdom Hearts
oh, and no FPS

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Emil987 wrote:

My list:
Tales of... (a new one)
The World Ends with You 2
Monster Hunter
Fire Emblem (no remakes)
Super Smash Bros.
a new game like Devil May Cry or Bayanetta
a new games like Kingdom Hearts
oh, and no FPS

What he said. Dear god, FPS did not work on the DS, they didnt work on the PSP, they wont work on the 3DS. LEave them to the NGP.

Add Pokemon to that list, and Luigis Mansion (the game that was designed for 3d).

Also, Panzer Dragoon.



Squiggle55 wrote:

I'm pretty happy with what they've already announced. Whatever new mario title they come up with will be great i'm sure. Some 3d mario party would be fun for us too. And I hope square enix hits us with a good FF in 3D

Hudson closed down their doors,maybe ND Cube could do it.

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Another Metroid Prime Hunters on the 3DS could work well. Before that though...Pikmin 3.

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As much as I like rehashes and remakes, I would like to see some new series

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lz20XX wrote:

As much as I like rehashes and remakes, I would like to see some new series

Agreed. Though we seem to be in the minority here.

EDIT: Looking at my last post, I realize I change my mind a lot.

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You know, I realise that if Nintendo released a new Clubhouse Games on the 3DS with better online infrastructure I would go and buy a 3DS for that alone. The 3D top screen would really help with darts and bowling, too.

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WarioWare Twisted, TLOZ: Minsh Cap, and Rhythm Tegonku (that is, if they ever add GBA support)
I'm also hoping they add Virtual Boy games later on.

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I would KILL to see a sequel to Pokemon Snap and Luigi's Mansion on 3DS. I almost certain that Luigi's Mansion (whether it be a remake or sequel) will be making it to the 3DS. Pokemon Snap is less likely but I have hope with the new anime character, Trip. As long as those 2 games come to 3DS, it would absolutely make that system for me!

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Something new would be nice after playing all those sequels, re-makes and re-hashes I would love to see a new Nintendo IP.



Ninja Gaiden will be Coming for the Nintendo 3DS and it is the same gender of Devil May Cry or Bayoneta.

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de blob 3 the game would be nice in 3D.

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Pikmin anyone?

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