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Topic: What game do you want to see on 3DS?

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I want Endless Ocean 3D (Dive, Dive, Dive).
Imagine exploring the depths of the ocean in 3D. The circle pad or the gyroscope could be used to navigate throughout the water, and the touch screen could be used to interact with all the different sea life! Players could also take photos in the game and share them with other Endless Ocean players through streetpass. it could also include Multiplayer diving, where friends can team up to find buried treasure, explore new territories, and visit each others Aquariums!

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Majora's Mask 3DS.
A new game in the Okami series.

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TokyoRed wrote:

Tj92 wrote:

An original, non-remake Zelda game. I really excited for the games coming up, but an original that takes full advantage of the 3DS's capabilities and pushes the console to its limits would be great.

Do you think we might get another Zelda game in the vein of the Wind Waker art style?

There's really no way of telling, but I would certainly welcome it.

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I would love to see Kirby's Epic Yarn 3D and Donkey Kong Country 3DS.

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pntjr wrote:

I would love to see Kirby's Epic Yarn 3D

I was thinking the same thing when that game showed up on E3. The 'pop' and cloth effects would have looked much impressive in 3D.




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just as far as third parties go, I want all the horror games, a silent hill, maybe a dead space, but really dementium 3. as long as I get some games that both my friend and I will enjoy playing together I will be satisfied with the system.

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I'd really like some developer to go all crazy and make a good game with a character like Inspector Gadget. I mean all the abilities he has with his suit could make for some really great gameplay and all the other characters would bring fun too.
It could even be an episodic downloadable game. :)

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