Topic: What DS games will you play again on the 3DS because of the circle pad?

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Mickeymac wrote:

. Super Mario 64 DS

The circle pad would make this one infinitely better.

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Check this out. Seems like someone is playing Super Mario 64DS on the 3DS and with circle pad.

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Definitely Super Mario 64 DS, also MarioKart DS.


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Some new information about backwards compatibility

See the video below, the last few seconds in particular. The 3DS stretches the native DS graphics by default — resulting in some blurring — but you also have the option of running the DS games in original resolution, with larger black borders. I'd wondered about this option, and now it is confirmed.

Games that have rendered polygonal graphics will probably scale better, but some games with clean pixel-art will probably look very blurry if you let them stretch to the full screen, so this option is important to have in those instances.

In addition to the circle pad, how does everyone feel about stretching versus black bars? Will you opt for the crisper native resolution or the larger view?

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That guy keeps smearing his thumb all over the screen! It's killing meee!!! D: D: D:


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Looks good! I'll probably be playing with the black bars for native resolution most of the time, but it will depend on how the game looks.

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You know, now that I think about it; Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, and possibly Metroid Prime Hunter will be a lot more fun to play with a Circle Pad.

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I'll probably just play with the new resolution. It doesn't look that different to me, at least in the video.


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I dont know if this was posted earlier in this forum and I dont feel like wasting my time to look, but In one of the videos I watched something was asked about the circle pad being compatable with DS games and they said it works perfectly fine but it only has the 8 d-pad directions for DS games because the DS games are not programmed to have the full 360 degree range of movement

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Awesome, I might actually get Super Mario 64 DS because of this.

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Super Mario 64 DS will definetly be lot more comfortable to play, I guess I will just have to play this until the new Super Mario game comes out for the 3DS.

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Now that you guys mention it, Starforce and Kingdom Hearts would be great games to play now with the Slide pad. They were pretty hard to control using the D-Pad.


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Mario Kart, Zelda and some other games I guess. I never really thought about it. But Mario Kart for sure!

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Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, and I'm not sure if this counts because I haven't even played it once yet, but Okamiden.

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Lock's Quest. It's one of those tower defense games, and at a bargain price! I'm not trying to advertise, lol



OK, I said earlier that it would just be 8 direction emulation on the circle pad, and that is probably the case, but it wouldn't be impossible to fake some sort of analogue input from the circle pad into the d-pad, but it would be a little juddery and wouldn't work in every game.

If the circle pad was pushed 100% in any particular direction, the matching direction would receive an "on, on, on, on, on, on" pattern of signals. If it was pushed 50% it would be "on, off, on, off, on, off". I'm sure you could work out the rest. This would potentially (depending on the game) allow 360 degree control and also variable speed control of the character but depending on the game this might make the animation a little wierd and some games would just not work with it very well at all - hence why I doubt they've done this.

As for my choice of borders - hmm, tough one. Depends on the game, I guess. I generally don't like scaled up graphics, but if it looks ok then it's probably better than having borders.

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