Topic: What Do You You Think Is Next After 3DS?

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Maybe something without 2 screens for a change.


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Nintenzo wrote:

Maybe something without 2 screens for a change.

I think you should just get a PS Vita if you think that way. The DS chain of consoles has basically been just as successful, if not more than GB for current times. Overall, WAY more people like the dualscreen build vs. a single screen.
The change was having 2 screens in the first place, coming from the single screen setup of GB. Why would they work backwards?
I look at PSP/Vita as a continuation of the GBA, while Nintendo went a different direction with DS. In otherwords, we already know how GBA would have looked if Nintendo continued the GBA route just by looking at Vita.


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This ^^^^

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Ralizah wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

LordJumpMad wrote:

A PSP 3, with Nintendo games on it.

It could be the other way around you know, but I'm pretty sure no one wants PS Vita or PSP games on Nintendo systems anyways, so ya.

I'd love it if we could get PSP/Vita games on a Nintendo console. Would save me from having to buy two handhelds.

I'd just love to get Final Fantasy Dissidia on something other than the PSP. That game was awesome, but one game is no reason to own a system...



Neoproteus wrote:

Whatever it is, I'm hoping it has access to ALL of the virtual console library, which at that point would include every Nintendo system, even the Wii U. Might have some problems with Wii games though... Nevermind the only Wii game it would have a problem with is Skyward Sword... It's technically possible to play just about any console game pre-Wii U on the 3DS right now. Nintendo just thinks it would make more money by remaking them first... and they're right.

This is what I really hope happens at some point, hopefully next gen. If they started work on it now, it could become a reality. I know my wallet would be on it's deathbed if I was able to access as much of their past libraries as possible...on their next handheld(and probably home console too since they'll likely be really compatible)! Up to Gamecube is probably more reasonable though, for the handheld at least.

One of the things I was disappointed about was the 3DS not having N64 VC(at least thus far) because I admire what Sony's done with that sort of thing.

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ChrisT99 wrote:

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

A Wii U Gamepad-like device that can play any game on the go or on the TV creating only 1 single Nintendo console that serves as both the Home Console and the Handheld Console.

This should be next. This idea is genius!

I was talking about this with my brother-in-law a couple months ago. I think this is the most likely scenario given the merge of the console and handheld hardware divisions and co-locating them in the same facility. The next Nintendo generation will contain one platform. It will be both a portable tablet-like device and be able to communicate with a TV so Nintendo can make one game that you can play anywhere. Everything will be fully digital so that the retail market will play much less of a role in the success of the system. Just my two cents.

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I pray for a return of the Gameboy brand with a widescreen SP-like form factor, 4 face buttons and a killer battery life.


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well my next nintendo handheld is the 3DS XL, im finally upgrading from the regular 3DS. That as far ahead as i want to go at the moment.


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I believe it would be something like the Vita. Higher powered, only one screen but touch enabled, and with some HDMI-out port to play those games on your external TV. That is what I think will happen.

But backwards-compatibility will be for nigh if you go from 2 screens to one screen.

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I wish they would go back to Gameboy and sell a normal handle console with just one screen.


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Forbsz wrote:

I wish they would go back to Gameboy and sell a normal handle console with just one screen.

They won't, so why continue to wish that? PS Vita is literally how a modern Game Boy would look if they never went DS, pretty much.


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