Topic: What do you want to see as a game on the 3DS

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Personally I want to see a few things: Super Mario Galaxy 3D, Sonic the Hedgehog in the eShop, an original Legend of Zelda(like a new one, Ocarina of Time came out on the N64, we need a new one), and some sort of Minigame game would be AWESOME! What do you want to see come out oor come out on the eShop before too long?

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I wonder how a Batman game would hold out? Like, similar to the new Arkham games...wouldn't mind seeing a good adventure game in general. 3D Zelda is always good. To be honest, I was a Sonic Adventure fan. I know it would never happen, but an Adventure game with a new take on Knuckles Chaotix would be something I'd want...without the being stuck with two characters at once.

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I have my money and I'm waiting for Mario Galaxy. My favorite game of all time.

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Mario and Luigi RPG 4. Donkey Kong Land Returns or some kind of DK platformer a la DK Land series. Also a Moon and/or Dementium sequel or something done by Renegade Kid.

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um mario rpg legends of the seven stars to not paper mario i hate paper mario the wii one sucked 64 one sucked GC waas ok i might get 3ds one and a sequel to zelda oot and zelda mm :] O and sonic games like a 3d one and good like sonic adventure it can be fast with out boost

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Something full of blood, violence, killing, guns, bacon, you play as an Angel and a Devil, but this is LameTenDon't we're talking about so that won't happen we only get baby games.

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I REALLY want A 2D side-scroller Metroid on my 3DS But for it to be HUGE. So huge you would have to bring up the map and zoom in four times just to see where you are.

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Custom Robo.

And a full remake of Earthbound.



Sonic 3D Blast 2 obviously.

(although I'm in the minority that kinda likes the first game)

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Custer's Revenge 3D.



Metroid 5.



pikmin 3D

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I'll list the obvious: new main series Pokemon game!

Also new Metroid.

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metroid side scroller
more one on one fighting games
new zelda title

that's all for now



I'd like to see a new advance wars game, with some of the old COs and balanced gameplay,
a side scroller metroid,
pokemon with a different story than gather all the badges, while destroying a criminal organisation and defeat the elite four and the champion at the end. It would be nice to see the battle frontier as it was in pokemon emerald, or better.
TWEWY's sequel/prequel



New Metroid as top priority, either 2d side scroller or 3d third person ie what metroid 64 was gonna be.....also a Donkey Kong Country 3d would be good, A main pokemon game, and a decent rpg overhaul......imagine a remake of either Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore or Earthbound. Wow!

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