Topic: What do you want for the year of luigi?

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

Even though LJM is joking around as always...Nintendo does need to give Waluigi his own game, he needs a backstory and all that and not just be that "guy who shows up at Mario spinoffs and hangs out with Wario all the time".

Nintendo honestly shouldn't give Waluigi his own game, because very few people would buy it. I love everything Mario (and Luigi and Wario) and I would steer clear from a Waluigi game. If anything, just tie him into Wario Ware.



@19Robb92 I noticed that Mario is on that Luigi 3DS XL...

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Vahana wrote:

A bunch of Year of Luigi themed rewards on Club Nintendo. For example, a green t-shirt with a white Year of Luigi logo like what is on the back of that Luigi 3DS XL.

There IS a good possibility for a Year of Luigi reward for platinum members this year.



Well, as has already been said, Luigi's Mansion in the VC or better, Luigi's Mansion New Play Control!! For Wii!! Yes without a U xD

Also a miniseries for nintendo video and a small game for the eshop (yeah right, who am I kidding? XD)

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Waluigi: Worst name ever

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As already said, I'd LOVE to see the original Luigi's Mansion on Wii U virtual console, and I agree that October is a pretty smart release period to release it in, if they do!

demonta4 wrote:

Waluigi: Worst name ever

It's better than Waruigiario.

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The Switch is pretty nice.

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I would totally buy a platformer with Waluigi as the main character.

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Mario is Missing to the virtual console? is not a good game but given that is the first game staring luigi it would be fitting

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one amazing app for the wii u, just one.



demonta4 wrote:

Waluigi: Worst name ever

Wari is a Japanese prefix for "bad" and when you combine it with Luigi, it means "Bad Luigi." So it's not just simply combining the first two letters of "Wario" with "Luigi", it actually has a meaning.

And I would definitely buy a Waluigi game even if it did sell poorly.



Let's Learn with Luigi.

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