Topic: What do you want as a part of a new stsyem update?

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mamp wrote:

I would like for the News block on the eshop to give us updates on what's new every Thursday so we can just look at that instead of having to look all over the eshop to find what's new.

But it does...?

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I'd like to see better folder options on the home menu.

Right now, everything's a blue icon, displaying a single letter.
Not cool! Let us choose alternate colours, let us display other things, like a carousel of game icons as opposed to a single letter.



More folder options - assign different colours or game icons.

Trash can - send any unwanted games or applications you no longer want into it and it deletes it for you without going through the Settings.

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hmm chat and flipnote..

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More titles being able to use street pass, without slowing down the speed of streetpassing.

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PokeTune wrote:

  • Instant messaging from either the Friends List or Notifications
  • A little bar that says who came online like PSN or XBL when the orange light flashes
  • Game invites

Basically this. I'd also like to see Gameboy multiplayer.

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Geonjaha wrote:

  • Added GBC/SGB palettes for GB VC games.
  • Being able to change home menu size (ie. number of free spaces available for apps/games - I have about 100 free icons; it's unnecessary)
  • Chat for friends, or a real messaging system.
  • Local Multiplayer for any VC game that originally had it.

i totaly agree

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A lot of the stuff you all are saying isn't something a system update can change. Software updates can change stuff like VC borders.


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I think the new update wont come untill a few weeks after the launch of the WiiU, the update will probably integrate Miiverse features into the UI of the 3DS, would love an upgrade of the browser aswell, im fine without flash integration but the interface of the application is horrible. The homebrew browsers on the original ds were quite good.

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-Updated internet browser: Lacking Flash is no good. Also, allow for overlapping dialogue boxes for some sites that have them, like sharing content on facebook, or other social sites. When sites start to load, any ads they may have automatically switch the page I'm trying to view to the advertisement. Oftentimes w/o a way to go back to the page I wanted to view. Allow me to upload (a vast range of) video file formats, as well as image formats. Also allow me to be able to d/l files in those same various formats. Also, allow me to copy the url (of the page I'm on, or was on), & paste it wherever I can type text, including allowing me to copy urls from (already) bookmarked urls/sites. The whole internet browser needs updating.

-Allow me to wirelessly send pictures, & music to a computer on my home network, &/or even offer an optional product that allows me to do the same to some usb-device connected to my pc, for file copy/transfer, & backup of data. If the 3DS can connect to a wireless access point, it can certainly be software updated to copy files to a device directly connected to my pc, similar to the DS/Wii wifi usb adapter.

-Full Super Gameboy support, including the extra sound layers, dynamically changing color palettes for some games, dynamically changing borders for some games. I mean those games that supported automatic color palette/border swaps during gameplay. Support for the built-in borders, & color palettes, unless Nintendo unfortunately has modified the SGB enhanced game roms available on the eShop to remove the SGB features. In short, each, & every SGB feature, including the 16-bit games included on the game cart, which now would be a rom we d/l from the eShop.

Also, I would love emulation of all of the Gameboy, GBC, GBA peripherals: Printer/Camera/emulated gamelink cable via wireless/SGB features/etc. & if Nintendo really wants my attention, backwards-compatable support those Wii VC N64 titles that used the Transfer Pak, by when releasing GBC transfer pak titles to the 3DS eShop, designing any emulated Transfer Pak titles to utilize an emulation of that system to work like a real GBC cart/Transfer Pak/N64 would work.

These things can be updated through software updates.

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-Downloadable 3D full length movies: I remember back when the 3ds was first shown at E3, Nintendo partnered up with some companies to release 3D movies on the 3DS. An app that you download from the e-shop to buy 3D movies.
-Universal Account: If you lose your 3DS you don't have to re-buy all those downloadable games you lost along with the 3DS. Also so you don't have to add all your friends again on the Wii U. Just log in to your account on the Wii U and BAM!.
-I would love for the 3ds to enable you to listen to your music while playing a game.

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Ability to transfer wii VC to 3DS and maybe get refunds for repeat purchases like CS DSi and the other versions if you bought them just to buy them on the go but probably unlikely, still I wanna play games like pulseman, sonic 1-3+knuckles, SMW, MegaMan1-7 and MM9 and 10 on the go without it being an iPhone thing.
Plus I'd like some cool NEW puzzles for SP, I'd like to see some more wii games as puzzles, maybe wii sports resort, punch out, 3 JRPGs from operation rainfall, Mario strikers charged, KEY, Skyward Sword, SSBB(maybe with snake and sonic in it) and ExciteBots would be cool puzzles in 3D.

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Backgrounds or wallpaper, that plain white background looks really boring I wouldn't mind a different look for my home menu.

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-The ability to copy a "ghost" file to the system memory, to make transfering to a new SD card easier.

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Make it play Halo

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I'd very much like the console to tell me who has just come online. If you happen to be on the home menu when a friend comes online, it tells you who they are. But usually, you'll be in a game, the orange light will flash up and you'll hit the home button, only to be told you have '1' friend online. Not amazingly helpful.


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I'd like the ability to see what people are actually doing on their 3DS, not just on the friend list. That would be awesome if nintendo was able to do that.

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PokeTune wrote:

  • Instant messaging from either the Friends List or Notifications
  • A little bar that says who came online like PSN or XBL when the orange light flashes
  • Game invites

Pretty simple, eh Nintendo?

The last two things are pretty plausible. They could happen. As for instant messaging...I don't think so, unless they use the same or a similar system as the Wii U.



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