Topic: What do you think is the best looking 3DS(XL)?

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Personally the original black and the Monster Hunter 4 Black XL, they are so damn sexy.

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Sucks that they didn't release it over here :/

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Red flare 3DS. It looks so shiny under a lamp.

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I love my blue/black 3DS XL, but to be honest, probably the black MH4 3DS LL and the blue Pokemon X/Y 3DS LL over in Japan. Both are amazing.

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FishieFish wrote:

Personally the original black and the Monster Hunter 4 Black XL, they are so damn sexy.

Oh yeah, that MH4 3DS LL looks amazing. I wish I could afford to import it with MH4... to tide me over until MH4 hits here (late next year we can hope?). It would allow me to import and play several other Japanese titles also, such as One Piece game, Digimon, etc etc.

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I am an animal crossing NUT! So when i heard the new one was coming out i waited til the limited addition version with game preinstalled came out and OMG am i glad i did it looks SO sexy! Pattern shown in pic is on front AND back its lovely I got a clear case so it keeps it nice and clean but i love it so much!!! Def my favouritee hands down!

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There can be only one!

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Nah just all black one for me, when is the UK release for it?????



i like the black, pink, red and blue ones personally~ still have yet to upgrade to the XL tho~

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I bought at launch, so my only choices were the blue or black one! But faced with what's on the market now, I would choose either the Midnight Purple one or the Fire Emblem one.

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Black, although from the looks of it, it's a lot less nice than Cosmo Black.

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Marakuto wrote:

Red flare 3DS. It looks so shiny under a lamp.

Yeah I wish the XL had that kind of glossy coat that the original 3DS had. Oh well the Blue 3DSXL is pretty nice too.

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I think the best looking ones are the black charizard LL, the gold Pokemon X&Y LL and my pink XL. I'm really hoping for that gold LL myself but I know we will never get it here.

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I want one so bad... ;_;

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