Topic: What definition is the 3DS/XL?

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Is it 360p or 480p? I was always confused about this.

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Standard def



Resolution is 400x240. Which would count as standard definition.

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It's 400 × 240 per eye(×2) with 3D on, and 320 × 240 on the touch screen.
The top screen gets 400 × 240 with 3D off.

I think it counts as 480p in 3D. The GameCube could technically do the same thing, except that was a home console, obviously.


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DePapier wrote:

It's 240x2, so 480p: imagine they raise it to 360x2, so 720p, for a hardware revision...

I doubt we need HD on screens this small, sure it would be good, but i dont think the trade off (you need more power if you want to keep the graphics as they are) would pay off, in fact, resolution its not everything, OLED + HD looks really good on Vita, but it ha 0 AA, making everything looks like a saw...

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