Topic: What Color 3DS Are You Planning To Get?

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Definately the orange one, red would be my second choice

That is all.

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It's either Blue or maybe Black/Grey.
I have a Purple GBC, a Black GBA SP, and a Blue/Black DS Lite....I guess getting the Blue 3DS won't be a big change color scheme wise over my DS Lite ;p I would of kept my Polar DS Lite out of the 3, but the first one broke, the second one is in storage at one of my X-friends house and the 3rd one which I baught off eBay had a clouded screen with crappy speaker sound, damnit!

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NES: grey/black
NES2: grey
SNES: grey
Game Gear: black
Genesis: black
Nintendo 64: black
PlayStation: grey
Game Boy Color: teal
GameCube: purple
Game Boy Advance: purple
PlayStation 2: black
Xbox: black
Wii: white
Xbox 360: white
Nintendo DS Lite: white

I'll go with red.

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I want the purple one.
It just looks so cool.

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Im still wanting that purple

To each his own.


I'm still wanting that transparent. :/


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pikmaniac02 wrote:

I'm still wanting that transparent. :/

LOL, that would be AWESOME!

I am totally going with black, I have never had a system that is black. I've got a DS phat color-Blue, DSi color-Pink, Wii color-White, PSP color-Silver. So I'm going with black, my best friend who is a girl wants orange so I will get orange for her.

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NintyFan wrote:

Dragoon wrote:

StarFox wrote:

My GBA is purple, my Wii is white, and my N64 is black. Looks like I'm getting blue.

Wait, a Purple GBA? I don't remember it coming in that color...

Don't you know? That was the main color.


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Adam wrote:


Wait, you already have one!

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black and i got a simple reason for it too.
the color black makes the game screen pop more out. When you get a different lighter color the sides of the screens will light up more to its excistence which breaks the game illusion faster ( black color covers more the sides then any other color )
besides that black is always easyer resellable



Orange, my favorite color, and I've wanted that color since '04, but really whatever they let us have first is fine when I get to see them up close.

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Since all of my other handheld devices are black I guess I'll just follow that trend and go with cosmo black.

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Out of the current choices, I'll probably go blue. But by the time I get one, other colours will likely be out anyway, in which case I'll rock an orange or green one.


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Since there's only blue and black currently, I guess I'll go with black.

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I am going with Blue



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