Topic: What Color 3DS Are You Planning To Get?

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I want a white one >.<

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I'd say red. Or whatever they have in-stock to be honest.

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My black DSi rocks, so I'm sticking with that color. I dunno, maybe they'll have a black and red combo, that would be awesome. xD

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I already have a black PSP, a Crimson GBA SP, and a Silver DS. All I need now is a 3DS that's colored white like a Sun-bleached skull, and my "Handhelds of doom" collection will be complete.>:3

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I don't like either.I want green! My favorite color! Or white, if none is available then black. I will not settle for blue, I'll have to wait...

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orange or gold what ever color it is.



Not sure just want my hands on one!

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I don't like the blue that's already official. I think the Midnight-Blue would look awesome on my 3DS instead!
but i guess i can settle with the current blue...

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Midnight blue 3DS would be kick a**, but if they don't have that I'll just get black. The red and blue are a little lightly colored for my liking.

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I think I'm going to get black, but if I LOVE the blue one when I see it in person... I may have to get that.

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I'll probably get black, but if they released a green, I'd get that.

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red and black

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