Topic: What Are You Most Excited For In Sonic Lost World?

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I want to hear your opinions! Although not much information has been revealed I want to know what you saw from the multiple trailers. What caught your eye? Maybe the new main villains? Or the return of the color powers and the new ones. Also could be the level layouts and having a 3D perspective instead of side-scrolling like Sonic Generations. Honestly I'm mostly excited for the new villains, I mean a good superhero can be good without a great villain! Returning characters like Tails and Dr. Eggman were shown in a trailer. Will there be more returning faces? Anyway I want to hear what you think.

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I like how it looks like it plays like Sonic Colors, but with enough new twists that it is quite different from Sonic Colors. I couldn't ask for more from a recent 3D Sonic title.

oh 3DS version. Er...what they showed was actually impressive for this version too. Looks like a fine...different version of the game. I think.

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Yes I agree with you normally the handheld version are usually lackluster compared to the console version but this one looks very identical.

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I like the pacing, it still keeps the speed but also makes the game feel that you can explore more areas.



I also heard that there might also be some speed settings on how fast Sonic can go.

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Pretty much nearly everything.
Actual 3d levels! with 2d on the side.
Boost style gameplay has been dropped. (It was getting stale.)
Parkour system.
Content which I've heard will be at 60 hours.
A bunch of other stuff I can't think of...

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My phone doesn't allow me to watch videos without pausing every 10 seconds but from what I've read here it has full 3d levels like how the sega dreamcast,/ps2games ? Or like how mario 3d land played off still fairly linear despite 3d areas



To play a Sonic platformer game I actually like for once. Loved Sonic Chronicles but neither the 2D or 3D platformers have really did anything for me. I do plan to pick this up as long as reviews are not to terrible. Also excited because Nintendo is working hand and hand with Sega to get this thing right.

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A lot of hard work seems to going into the development of this game.

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I hate how it looks like Colours, but.. I think i'll give it a try anyway.

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I love the sort of warped Super Mario Galaxy aesthetic of the game.

With that said, I'll wait for reviews of the 3DS version. The Wii U version looks lovely, but I don't want to play a gimped handheld version like with 3DS Sonic Generations.

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Another sonic game that won't suck is what's got me excited. Also that it seems like it's going to have more platforming because sonic has been so focused on speed that it just became so boring also IDK about you people but I love taking a good luck around the environments and not just running through them.

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