Topic: What Are the BEST Places to Get StreetPass Hits?

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Isn't it something like 200 feet?
BTW, Ima be in Central Park, Manhattan, NY 2morrow and in the Nintendo World Store, so if you're also there and you streetpass someone named Phineas, that would be me.

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Malls, airports, train stations, Nintendo World Shop, ect.

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Just booked Disney World in August! So looking forward to this for many reasons, not least of which is because last August when I went I got a handful of Street Passes every day. That was before 3DS really took off, so I'm expecting to get a lot more this time. Can't wait!

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@Duney: Make sure to cruise around the hotel you are staying at as well a friend of mine actually got more hits around the hotel last year than at the actual park.

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I got a ton while I was in Downtown Disney.

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If you want a guaranteed hit, go to a game store (like Gamestop). Chances are the cashier has one, and they'll have it on them to get hits.

If you're trying to get a mass number, go to an area with a lot of people, like a sporting event (I always go to a few Royals games a year, they're our nearest major league team, as well as a dozen or so Mustangs games, our local team, so I can't wait to see what happens).

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Houses of Parliament.
It's where I get all my hits.

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If your Irish, the Dublin Horse Show is great for Streetpass hits. But the best places overall are
Shopping malls
When your living in a place where noone but you has a 3DS, just getting one Streetpass hit is a miracle

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Usually I put my 3ds in my pocket and go for a walk. Sometimes I go to a populated mall because you have a better chance of passing someone. I like meeting people and shopping, so it is pretty cool.



I agree with everyone about Disney World. I got so many street pass tags that I had to periodically go to the Mii Plaza and look at them otherwise it maxed out and I couldn't get anymore!



When I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago I got so many! I stayed there for two days and there were Miis that I met twice in a row! Any convention is good too. I went to Wondercon and I literally got a hit every minute. You can also go to video game stores such as GameStop and you'll likely get a StreetPass hit from the demo stations. Malls are decent when it comes to StreetPass, I sometimes I get hits and sometimes I don't get any at all. However, there's a mall I go to in Japantown San Francisco where a ton of people with 3DSes go.

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Be sure to take your 3DS with you if you ever go to a convention. I go to an anime convention every year and get hundreds of hits over the 2 day period.



I know that I'm a little late on this thread, but Tokyo train stations are the best place to streetpass. I left America with 232, and came home with 758. The mistake I made was not playing the ten visitors every five minutes. It maxes out at ten. If I did greet my ten visitors, I could have received another ten which I didn't discover until the last day. I bought a mint LL my last week in Tokyo and met 325 street passers. On my American 3ds, I only need 18 more puzzle pieces.

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Tokyo City, the Akihabara district or whatever it's called



Not sure what you mean by Tokyo City. I didn't get too many in Akibahara, I got most of them at the Shinjuku train staion which was the area where I was staying. I picked up a lot of them walking through the station to go to where I was traveling to.

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Mall, amusment parks, large citys, places like vid con and E3......thats where i get mine

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