Topic: What Are the BEST Places to Get StreetPass Hits?

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My best luck so far has been anytime I'm in an international airport. And I'm hoping the Zelda Concert is a good place.

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I'd often get someone here or there, but the best places for me has been Gamestop and PressStart

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Nope, not coincided at all.


Game shops usually get you something.

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Go to a game store when they are releasing a big name 3DS game like Kid Icarus, I got over 30 in a few minutes

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Manhattan is a great city to get StreetPasses in. In the Nintendo World store, I got 13 streetpasses in 10 minutes! (then again, that was the day Super Mario 3D Land came out... ) Scratch that. Try visiting my school. I get 5-6 every day!

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Also, once I got 7 in an Apple Store... ?

and i got a colorful aura, like i got neon guts

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I feel lucky living in a big city like London, as you're always guaranteed to get a few good hits when you're exploring around the Central part.

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Downtown Toronto, Manhattan, and Disneyworld.

That's where I got most of my Streetpasses from.


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If you're struggling to get streetpass hits part of the problem might be not bringing your 3ds with you literally everywhere every week. Include it in your usual bag space. You'll get over the initial fear of scratching or losing your ds. Don't worry I've been through that feeling too. Just look after your bag like you always do. Plus you can easily reach your daily play coins limit which can help out with puzzle swap and streetpass quest while you wait.

For the Sydneysiders here, I've noticed the area around Kinokuniya in Town Hall and Darling Harbour is pretty good. Heaps of streetpass hits from people all around the world. I'd imagine the universities would be good too (sadly my campus is deserted ) Westfield and Cityrail are your best friends!



I got a great number of Streetpasses at Universal Orlando, Nintendo World Store, and the Smithsonian.


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I carry mine everywhere and its still hit or miss, same thing with Gamestops. But as I've said before Comic-Conventions have been very good to me.

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You just have to keep carrying it around with you as much as you can.

When it first came out I got nothing from anywhere where I live and it is a small community. I couldn't even get anything hanging around the local GameStop.
I figured I'd run into someone at college who would have one but I never got one at all. Then a few weeks ago I started to get a hit around the school every couple days or so from the same person.
I started sending them a personal greeting through streetpass and last week finally found out who they were. Turns out they were another fashion student in a different major from me. We don't have classes at the same time together so we never talked before but now we talk every time we run across each other.

Personally I was just glad to find another fashion student who was a gamer. The rest of the girls in my classes seem to think I'm a bit crazy for enjoying video games.

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I've gotten a lot of hits at Wal-mart. The movie theater is good too. Surprisingly, I didn't get any hits when I went to Gamestop yesterday for the first time since I got a 3DS.

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I run a movie theatre and bring mine every day. I get a good number of hits from people bringing theirs in with them.

But what's up with Indianapolis? Just spent a few days there and didn't get a single hit, even in the mall downtown.

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Malls, Game stores, and conventions.



Best places to get Street Passes are where fellow gamers gather...especially events that are tied to Nintendo releases.

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The Freeway! I was driving down I-5 in Southern California and it was stop and go and I looked at my 3DS during that time and noticed that there was a green light! I checked the time and it was while I was still driving! I guess that a car that had one stopped at the same time and we connected!

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How much range does streetpass have? I work at the social center of my town (wal-mart) and always have my 3DS in my pocket but i haven't gotten a hit yet

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I've been wondering that also, I'll have to look it up tomorrow.

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How much range does streetpass have?

ive done some research and it seems to be about 30 feet or 10 meter.
Apparently it takes about one second for two 3DS systems to exchange the necessary data for a StreetPass hit

BTW: a good location for getting hits, here in Europe at least, is a large railway station. Preferably with lots of tourists and students

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