Topic: What Are the BEST Places to Get StreetPass Hits?

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Museums were a great disappointment to me. Hordes of school kids. Thought I'd be hitting the Streetpass jackpot. But despite my best efforts to suspiciously sidle up to all of them, waving my backpack in their general direction, not a single one! To be fair, the schools had probably banned them from the trip.

(Just to point out, I went to the museum on a day out with a friend, I didn't go just to pick up Streetpass hits...)



LordJumpMad wrote:

At home

I actually get up to nine a day at my house.

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1.) My favorite Geek hangout, Geeksboro
2.) McDonald's
3.) Traveling long distances

Occasionally, I'll pass a residential area and get one or someone will pass my house.

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It's pretty much random. I've had multiple times I've gone out to Philadelphia and gotten no Streetpasses at all, and other times when I get 5-7 of them just from my normal everyday.

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Universities. And libraries near universities.

Also conventions, if you go to those regularly

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I'm gonna go to the next Anime or whatever cosplay convention happens in Vancouver to try to get StreetPass hits. Shopping centers, sporting events, etc. Large gatherings of people. I just tend to bring mine around and not notice where the hits come from.


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Is it me or does it seem like the number of Streetpass relay points has decreased recently? I used to get them at places like Gamestop and Walmart, but now I don't anymore. And then when I looked up the list of Streetpass places online, pretty much the only places they list are McDonalds, Burger King, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sams' Club.


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gamescom, that is all.

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Usually if I ever stay at a hotel I get one or two. Also, once I went on a boat trip from Labrador to Newfoundland and I got three.

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When I'm at my college campus, I tend to get about 10-15 Streetpasses a day. It's usually the same people everyday too. In fact, I met a lot of those people just because we were always streetpassing.

Otherwise, malls and Nintendozone baseball stadiums have given me the best results.


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When the system first came out, I got a few hits just going to Walmart, Target, Stop & Shop, etc.



I get them at McDonald's and Walmart a lot
I added a few ppl to my list. happy gaming

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Go to Barnes & Nobles. Got my streetpasses there, also try Starbucks, Best Buy, McDonalds and public events (Like PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts or PAX South in San Antonio, TX. Or just any game event) Also try GameStop, there are Nintendo 3DSes and they are waiting to be sold. Hope that helps.



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