Topic: What Are the BEST Places to Get StreetPass Hits?

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Hey guys, I was wondering some of the best places to get StreetPass hits. I haven't really got a lot because I don't take my 3DS with me much, but I'd like to start. So, what are some of the best locations?

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Mall of America.

Or just malls in general.

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Malls and gaming events. Maybe the movies, too.


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Try places with large amounts of people. I got 5/7 of my maps going to the Taste of Chicago and Pitchfork Music Festival over the summer. From there, I'd recommend places where nerds are known to gather (comic book stores, conventions, etc.) and places with 3DS demo units like Target. And of course, if you go to one, high schools or college.

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Always got mine at GameStop stores.

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Busy Bus Termials were lots of people pass by daily work best

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Cloudcult10 wrote:

Mall of America.

This and Airports.

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Disney World. I got something like 45 in a week. Lots of international ones there too.

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Where lots of people go to...

High streets, shopping centres, colleges, schools, video game stores, restaurants, bus stations, train stations, supermarkets etc.

Those are some really good spots for StreetPass hits, in my area atleast.

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At home

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I've had mine for over a month and take it everywhere... I've gotten a total of...1.



Anywhere where 15-30 year olds gather in high numbers. So go to the places people here have mentioned already like shops, UNIs, schools, game stores are great, trains, buses etc, etc. The more people the better.

Having said that I've got a streetpass hit going through a Chicken Treat drive-through (Australian fast food roast chicken chain) and on an isolated beach in the South West of WA (it was us and maybe four other people). So you can get streetpass hits in fairly surprising locations.

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If you're lucky you might manage to have a convention nearby that appeals to the 3DS-owning demographic. We recently (in Adelaide, Australia) had a couple of anime and video game conventions, and while I didn't go, I imagine that would have been by far the best place in Adelaide to pick up street pass hits.

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I usually get a few when I go into Uni or just go to the city for the day (in Melbourne, Australia) and I usually get a few if I take the time to stop by at EB Games while I'm there... I've gone past over 100 different people so far, some people I've crossed more than once.
Hopefully it'll become easier to find people using Streetpass over time, especially once the November update comes along with the additional Streetpass games or whatever.


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On the street. Hence the name StreetPass.


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