Topic: What 3DS launch titles are you buying?

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the 3DS is getting near and i still haven't preordered a game.
it's so hard, pay 45+30 dollars to get it shipped to me or wait and pay pretty much the same amount on a store near me (that means on the next city)

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When I went to buy Pokemon White, guy who sold me the game said I was lucky to pre-order one because pre-orders were closing the next day (March 7th) . It could have just been for mine, or maybe they were going to run out of supply soon, but I thought all the GameStops follow the same agenda.

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@ballkirby: Good thing I preordered mine back in February

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Just Asphalt and Pilotwings Reort for me. There's plenty to do with the 3D camera and AR games, and the VC should be available on day one, too.

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Will Asphalt have online? cuz I love arcade racers, but nobody near me will be getting a 3DS at launch (if ever, lol :3), and I'd love to play with some NL people.


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Got Super Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings Resort reserved with my gorgeous "N64 Black" 3DS! Would've reserved more, but I'm also getting Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection and Pokemon Black/White soon. Also plan to get a bigger SD Card and some unknown carrying case.

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Ridge Racer, Pilotwings and possibly Pro Evo but need to see a review before getting that one



Cosmo Black 3DS with Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Monkey Ball

Later in April, maybe: Lego Star Wars 3 and Asphalt - depending on reviews

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I will get Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. My little sis gets Splinter Cell.

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I'm a little torn right now. I preordered a package of the 3DS and Ridge Racer 3D and so far see no reason to cancel that.
It's likely that i'll order Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings Resort on 25th too. I'm interested in many European launch games though and can't wait to see more reviews.

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Is Dream Trigger a Launch Title?
If so I'm getting it



Along with SSFIV and Pilotwings Resort, im also going to pick up some regular Ds games that might be good with the circle pad, like mario kart, okami-den, kingdom hearts, super mario 64 DS,etc.

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Along with my Aqua Blue 3DS I've preordered Super Monkey Ball 3D and Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends, and I may also consider getting Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition just so I have something for multiplayer, StreetPass and Wi-Fi play. As for PilotWings Resort...well...we don't see a launch of that game till the 14th of April. It's just another part of what makes Australia great!

I'm also on-board for getting a few DS games to play, in case I change my mind about SSFIV - I'm still on the fence about that one, and I don't want to make any rash decisions!

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I've only preordered the Aqua Blue 3DS. No game preorders at the moment.
I'm looking at getting Sims 3 but I'm waiting for a review to see what I really think. I'd normally just buy whatever games I think might be even remotely interesting but I'm holding off on anymore purchases until I secure a job for over the summer.

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Well, after playing the demo at Best Buy, I've added Pilotwings to my list. So on Monday I'll be coming home with:

A black 3DS
Nintendogs + Cats: Retriever
Sims 3 3DS
Pilotwings Resort

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I'm really curious about Rayman 2 3DS, waiting for reviews though. I'll also most likely pull the trigger on Super Monkey Ball 3DS as well, but not right away. And did they take the jump mechanic out of it? I think I may of been one of the few that really dug it in Banana Blitz! as for the rest of the 3DS launch titles, I'm just not interested.

And one thing is for sure, I'm very happy that 3DS games are going for $39 a pop. I was worried they were going to go for $49.99, but that aint the case.

So for now...

Aqua Blue 3DS
Nintendog's + Cats
Super Street Fighter IV 3D

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ill only have about $40 after i buy the 3ds.ill trying getting super street fighter 4 3d.



Just SSF4. Rayman is the only other one I have any interest in. Besides, I really can't afford to get anything else yet, anyway.

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AGGAGGHH!!! I can't take this anymore!! On Monday I'm canceling my Sims 3 preorder and transferring the money to Rayman 3D. I loved Rayman 64 and I can't stand spending money on a questionable game.

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