Topic: What 3DS launch titles are you buying?

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I've ordered Pilot Wings, and Nintendogs. I've never played either series before so it'll all be new to me.

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I might get Pilotwings and/or Rayman depending on how the staff here likes 'em. Other than that I'll just have the 3DS; I'm getting it cheaper than if I were to buy it in June, anyway.

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I pre-ordered Rayman 3D and Super Monkey Ball 3D along with my blue 3DS, you can't go wrong with that.

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I for sure want Nintendogs+cats, I probably will also get Rayman and Pilotwings at some point.

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Super Monkey Ball
Pilotwings Resort

LATER, maybe: Ridge Racer, Lego Star Wars 3


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SSFIV + Pilotwings Resort
The blue one.

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Pilotwings Resort, and Supa Monkey ball 3DS. that is, if i can afford it after getting the 3DS

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I'm still on the fence regarding Pilotwings. If the reviews are positive, I'll get it. Otherwise, I'll wait for Starfox or another big N game.

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I pre-ordered Kid Icarus, but it won't be out till later, so I'll probably get Monkey Ball for starters.

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Pilotwings Resort, SSF43D, and Rayman 3D. Now to find some games to trade in...

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i have super street fighter 4 on ps3 but i still may get it on the 3ds tho

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Everything paid in full.

Black 3DS

Rayman 3D
Ridge Racer 3D
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Super Street Fighter 3D

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3DS and Pkmn black

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Pilotwings Resort. Street Fight IV and Rayman 3D will be a little later.


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Monkeyball cause it's the only IP I trust. SF4 was fun for about 2 days on PS3 with real controls...can only imagine how quickly this version would get set aside. Steel Diver looks a bit interesting but I'm through gambling 40 bucks on unproven game concepts thanks to owning a DS at launch. Rayman's been around forever and, while a solid platformer, isn't worth 40 dollars again. As for Nintendogs....I will never understand the appeal. 5 minutes and I wanted to break the DS I was playing it on. So utterly pointless.

And yeah...Pilotwings doesn't even count as a game to me.

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tristenj1992 wrote:

I really, really hope I'm not making a mistake getting Sims 3.

You will regret it. If I were you I'd grab PilotWings Resort or SMB3D. Please don't insult your 3DS with a sub-standard title that wasn't developed with 3D at the forefront.

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Or at least wait for, like, am early review, though I doubt there's anyone that'd bother with Sims 3 before launch.

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omg i'm the only one whos not getting a 3DS game i feel like a outsider

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albertobankai wrote:

omg i'm the only one whos not getting a 3DS game i feel like a outsider

No you're not.



SSF4, but im also looking at getting PWR soon to

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