Topic: Virtual Handheld needs a virtual link cable.

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I would love for that to happen, honestly I would! I doubt it will, because that right there would require actual work done to the games themselves, which we very well know Nintendo does not do with their downloadable services. though they did do work to Pokemon snap now that I think about it. Greatest thing ever, honestly. So I suppose there is hope if that's any consolation.

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that would be pretty cool if they could emulate the link cable somehow... hell yes i'd love to have an old-school pokemon battle with someone

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That's a great idea, Pokemon especially. I've always wanted to play Mario Tennis (GBC) with somebody on the GB too, but we never had a link cable nor any friends with Mario Tennis. D:


That really sounds like a great idea. While we're dreaming, why not make a virtual handheld to console system. Imagine if Nintendo released the original Pokemon Red and Blue for Virtual Handheld and Pokemon Stadium for virual console. Nintendo could do something similar to what you described to allow users to connect their 3DS to their Wii for some retro Pokemon battles in... wait for it... 3D!!!

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Actually this should be very possible through the emulator without modifying the actual games, the question is will they require the other person to have bought the game? or will it automatically download temporarily from one of the other players. Since the Gameboy does have a link cable I see no reason why they wouldn't add this functionality.

edit I should point out that it might not work exactly as Destroyer360 has said but rather on any initial (or ongoing) requests for data on the Gameboy's serial port it might automatically establish communication with other Nintendo 3DS systems and/or display some sort of dialog - but even so there might be some difficulties.

and another Actually since the Nintendo 3DS is continuously trying to establish communication with other systems it seems easily possible that when another system comes in contact it could alert both parties of the situation and allow them to play together - easily possible in my book.

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Just what I want to happen. Every game is not so fun if you have to play single-player. 2 players 2xfun
I'm also hoping that they could have a way to transfer Pokémon from older games to newer games (like Pal Park). It would be nice to transfer old Pokémon from there to Black/White (or D/P/Pt/HG/SS). But this is never going to happen...

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I'm sure Nintendo has thought about multiplayer linking


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Yep, I'm sure they have and hopefully they have gone ahead with a nice solution .



@JoshuaYoshua: I'm pretty sure that most games would require each player to have a separate copy; however, should Game Boy Advance games eventually make it to the service, the 'Link it Up!' games should allow for (limited) gameplay with just one copy, such as Mario Bros. Battle for the Super Mario Advance series or 'Yoshi Kart' for Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

@Ecto-1: That's exactly the feature I've been anticipating since Mario Golf was announced for Virtual Nintendo 64! Those empty character slots have been bugging me for ages now! Also, I really want to see Pokemon Stadium (2) make it to VN64 with all functionality retained!

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@Ecto-1: That's a good idea! The 3DS would act like the Game Boy Pak you would put on the back of the controller! Since there aren't many N64 games on the service, it wouldn't seem like it would take too long to update the existing games with Virtual Handheld game compatibility. And if that happened I'll bet we'll see a version of Pokemon Stadium on Virtual Console with no sacrifices like NintendoPurist87 said.
@JoshuaYoshua: I'm sure the 3DS wouldn't automatically pair up 2 people looking to play the same game in multi-player. I would imagine that that would be frustrating if you had a bunch of people with the same 2-player game in a room and everyone was connecting to the games simultaneously and you wanted to play with a specific person. You would end up linking with a bunch of other people before you got lucky and managed to connect with the other person. I think the room system would be how multi-player games on the 3DS would function if you were in the game, though I guess the games will probably alert you if a multi-player game is forming, in which case I think virtual handheld games should roll like that as well.

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@Destroyer360's @JoshuaYoshua (I think I got that right): That's true. Multiplayer Game Boy games needed to be connected before the consoles were switched-on (at least, that's what Nintendo warned you to do - though try telling that to the people cloning infinite MEWTWO in Pokemon RB!), so I imagine multiplayer VC games on 3DS would need to be connected before the game starts as well.

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I would rather just have the Gameboy games that used the link cable just use the DS wifi.



Yeah that'd work, except the option to connect players would need to be available at all times. It'd make things way more simple to code since Nintendo wouldn't have to add extra code for special cases (ie, only display the connection wizard on multiplayer screens). Plus you could connect the links whenever you wanted to IRL, right? :3

Theoretically it's easy and simple enough. Knowing Nintendo, though, I doubt they'd have this feature available from the get go. Somewhere along down the road I can see this happening.



Putting wifi into older games isn't hard at all. Heck, we have emulators this day and age that can do multiplayer through wifi, such as the Super Nintendo or Gameboy Advance.



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