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ive been the happy owner of ever version of ds since ds lite and have not once laid a inger on my touch screen. with these new games for 3ds like street fighter im thinking about giving in and using my thumbs to press the touch pad. so my questions are: how many people use their fingers on the touch pad? think its just cool to do so?



I sure as hell do it

too lazy to take out my stylus D:



Even though I use an iPad I still can't bring myself to use my thumb on a DS's touch screen. I don't know why. :/

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Never. Ever. EVER. Anytime my finger accidentally grazes the touch screen, I instantly see a fingerprint, and it annoys the heck out of me. Not to mention over time all that grime builds up in the corners of the touch screen and it's hard to get out. I always use the stylus.

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I use my finger for games such as SSFIV and Pokemon. Oddly, my 3DS do not get finger prints 'easily' as my DSi. Could be me though.



I'd tap that

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i do it all the time. screen protectors ftw~

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Crap. I lied. The mention of pokemon reminded me of something. Sometimes I turn over my hand and use my fingernail to touch the screen in games like pokemon. Pretty convenient and doesn't leave fingerprints.

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I will touch mine with my finger tip, though I avoid using a fingernail. I have screen protectors on it, so if I get a smudge, I just clean it off with a cleaning cloth designed for cleaning my glasses.

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streetfighter , only if you use the lite mode, is much better with those fingers.
keep that cleaning cloth near...

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Only to tap it. Never to swipe or draw anything on the touchscreen. Like to make a selection on the home screen of the 3ds I use my thumb. But stuff like TWEWY or games that require to swipe never.

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What Ever Happened To The Thumb Stylus??? ..



Pretty much what Emil said. A fingernail is good for tapping buttons.

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I use whatever feels right!

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Samholy wrote:

streetfighter , only if you use the lite mode, is much better with those fingers.
keep that cleaning cloth near...

Precisely. It's just awkward with the stylus.

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I often use my fingers because its much more quick when it come to SSFIV3D....Though there is such thing as an finger stylus.

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I do it all the time... it's not a big deal to me...

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Only in certain situations. Like I do in SSF4 because it would be incredibly slow and awkward to use a stylus. I'll also likely use my thumbs in Dream Trigger since it looks very frantic, too much so to use a stylus. Otherwise, I always use the stylus and if I DO use my fingers, i wipe down the screen as soon as i'm done. BTW, is anyone else weird about touching the top surface of the 3DS? Its just such a fingerprint magnet. I get very angry when people handle my system and touch the top of the lid as much as they please! I kind of hope whenever a 3DS redesign comes out it will have a matte finish like DSi. I could handle that thing however I wanted!

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