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I have not had a game system in almost 7 years, and realized a 3DS would be my best bet for quality games that I did not have to sit in front of the TV for hours to play. My iphone just didn't cut it. I am pretty excited to pick up Pokémon X/Y since I have not played any Poké games since my Red when I was in Middle School. I have a couple questions though.

Besides being able to carry the game without needing the cartridge I do not see a positive to downloading it through the eShop. Is there any bonus content, or price cuts from going through the eShop? I'm afraid that if the 3DS breaks that I would lose the game as well since there is no account set up, or the ability to download it again. Please correct me if I am wrong with that.

I see that there is some special Wifi Distribution Event with Torchic. How does this work? Do you have to go somewhere like Gamestop, or is it something you can do from home?

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1st: There is no special content; so if you feel that way about downloading it I'd go with a physical copy.
2nd: Some of the specifics of the event are still unknown (since we don't know exactly how mystery gifts will work), but I'd assume it'll work just like recent Pokémon games for DS. And it will be distributed over Nintendo Network, so you will be able to get it at home.

Hope this helps! And feel free to visit the Pokémon X & Y thread, too.

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umm where have you been the last decade from easyest to hardest to explain the torchic you go to the X/Y start menu it should say mystery gift click that and it well tell u the rest(i do not know if they are changing this processes for X/Y),there are price cuts sometimes, rarely bonus content but they have many deals like buy these 2 games get 30 dollars in e-shop and things like that and for your 3ds if it breaks you can send it back to nintendo and sometimes they will repair it for free or a small fee and you can redownload your games DO NOT USE STORE WARRANTY they will give you a new 3ds and you cant redownload your games. and nintendo said they are trying to make a account system soon maybe the fall update or something. hope that helps

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Awesome. Thank you.

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