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I want Nintendo to make that.

Zelda is the best game series in history.


Much as I would absolutely love for that to happen - I can already see myself playing it to death since I never completed the original - if the third Zelda game for 3DS is a choice between Majora's Mask 3D and Twilight Princess 3D, I'd still have to plump for the former.

Or Nintendo could just give us both. Y'know, to be nice and stuff.


If it was some sort of a remake, maybe. Otherwise, no.

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Count me in!

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Hopefully, there will be some surprises at E3
I would buy both TP and MM

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It's more likely Majora's Mask would happen. I honestly think Twilight Princess has a 0% chance.
People have already known MM was a possibility(OoT3D is right there), but if Twilight Princess showed up, people would probably start to expect Skyward Sword.
They're not gonna remake a game that you can buy as a Nintendo select at Walmart, right now.

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MM 3D is way more likely to happen, since the graphical assets and the engine is already there (OoT 3D)


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SCAR392 wrote:

They're not gonna remake a game that you can buy as a Nintendo select at Walmart, right now.


Yeah a remake would be kinda cool, I'd prefer it over MM3D.

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Good point, but I still don't think it's really worthy of a remake at this point. I didn't really like Twilight Princess anyway, so I guess I'm just biased.
Not only do I like Majora's Mask better, but it's already been brought up as an obvious choice since OoT 3D is in direct relation with the game. It's not really a good idea to jump around in the re-release schedule if they're going to do any of them at all. Why re-release TP, then go back to MM, and then see people to ask for Skyward Sword?
Lets just have OoT 3D, maybe. OoT 3D is enough Zelda remakes for now.


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I think what made Skyward Sword so fantastic was the Motion Plus controls. TW was made for a standard controller, so would make for a better re release on 3DS.
Maybe if we ever get Virtual Console combined between Wii U and 3DS (one hopes), we will see TW as a Game Cube release

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