Topic: Tri Force Heroes: Trash Or Treasure?

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Lately I've been considering the state of the highly ignored yet in my opinion, interesting, Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. People underestimate this game frequently, and for good reason! The game has very little dungeons, and lackluster story, the opposite of what a Zelda fan looks for. The game was co-developed by GREZZO. The same company who remastered The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and who supposedly are working on remastering Luigis Mansion. Yet surprisingly, they ended up with this! Although TFH loses in the story and dungeon department, it succeeds in many other places. The game introduces costumes for the first time! An interesting feature that allows the players abilities and endless fashion! The story may suck but where it is empty, online is filled! Personally I think multiplayer mode is an amazing feature to the Zelda franchise. Not only that but battle and single player aren't bad either. Be warned though, if you cant juggle, you cant play alone, Single player is extremely annoying and tedious. Overall TFH Is a decent game, although hardcore fans would rather have a single player, dungeon filled, story drenched Zelda experience. Yet such an underestimated game brings so much to the Zelda table! End. Hey! wanna play games with me? Looking for friends who play either, Legend of Zelda tri force heroes, Pokemon, Mariokart 7, luigis mansion 2 [dark moon], Animal crossing new leaf or Smash Bros. Friend code is: 0705-3738-4699 Cant wait to play! Bye!



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