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So you can transfer you DSiWare from your 3DS, but has Nintendo came out and stated how this transfer is going to take place?

I know a lot of people plan on trading in their DSi's for a shiny new 3DS. I am just wondering if they will have to trade away all the DSiWare they put on there as well.

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I suspect they will be giving up their DSiware and I think that's the idea.

The DSiware transfer will likely be done like a Wi-fi connection license transfer or it might have something to do with the fact that DSis have friend codes which at present aren't used for anything.

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We don't know for sure how it will work yet, but it won't be available at launch. It's coming, along with the web browser and eShop, in a software update in late May.

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You take your DSi, and you smash it into the 3DS.
that how you get your DSiware games
we won't really find out how they do it, untill early summer D:

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You'll download a transfer application on your DSi in May. There's an option in the 3DS menu that says "System Transfer" that will open up around the same time. Something magical will happen and most of your games will be transferred across.

You'll need to keep your DSi to transfer your software over: SD card won't cut it.


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That's the big reason why I'm not bothering to upgrade until May. VERY interested to see how this works.

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Meh, I don't really care for most of my DSiware anyway. The trade-in value for the 3DS is worth a lot more than what I have

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JumpMad wrote:

You take your DSi, and you smash it into the 3DS.

I really, really do hope this is the case.



@James: That sound awful. Any word on transfering from Wii to Wii, or from DSi:s to DSiXL:s?

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