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I tried searching but didn't find the exact situation, and I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I have a 3DS that I was borrowing from a friend, it has his Mii and his friend code/etc. I have been playing games on it for about a month. Today he told me I should just keep it since he hadn't played it a year before loaning to me anyway.

So, the issue is that I want to make my own MIi and friend code/etc, but I want to keep all my game saves (especially Animal Crossing), friends list, and Mii Plaza stuff.

Is this even possible? Any ideas on how I can do it?

I was thinking, make a backup of everything as if I am transferring to a new 3DS, then do a factory reset on the system, then create my own account, then do a restore. Would that work or would it just override my new stuff with his username/friend code data?

Thanks in advance!



you can simply change the main mii and the username...... but the friendcode won't change.
and so far that I know you can't transfer only the games because all the 3DS account is bound to the system and not to an actual account.

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Thanks for a quick response. That will kinda suck if it's impossible. I really don't want to start over on AC. Maybe he will just transfer his whole account to me then, he didn't even have any friend codes registered or anything. I'll have to find out.



If he's giving you the system and doesn't need it's data transferred to a new system for himself, don't bother trying to reset anything. It's not like you choose the friend code anyway. Just change the main Mii, and whatever settings you like in the system and the Eshop, and enjoy.



darkdragonz31 wrote:

Maybe he will just transfer his whole account to me

No account system, nothing to transfer.

Change the Mii, settings and any other stuff you want to.

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If you got Animal Crossing as a download then there is no way I know of to keep the save file intact (and if you do a factory restore you may lose access to redownloading it from the eShop)

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