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I'd love a demo code as well, if anyone is in the giving spirit...


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Do you get demo codes in the European version too?

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Can I have a download code too? If so, thanks! (North America)

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mystman12 wrote:

Help! I'm addicted! I've already played 5+ hours today!

The only way I can help is to ask you to put the game down to give us some impressions! How are you finding it (as if 5+ hours hasn't made it obvious )



I'll stick my two cents in here real quick as it seems no else has
Ok so you think this is a game like New Leaf??? WEll the only two comparisons I can find is that they are both "life simulation" titles and they both came out in June. Moving on Tomodachi Life is a very very very different game from New Leaf and well everything else. You have no control over any of your Mii's you make them and turn 'em loose. After they get set up they'll begin asking for stuff, food, clothes, life advice and so on. Unlike New leaf you don't run to Nook's or you secret stash of stuff you don't want/can't store a few taps on the touch screen and boom! Happy campers. So far it is a pretty awesome game, simple yet....addictive had to go into work so I've only put an hour into so far, 5 hour plane ride and 3 hour car ride tomorrow might change that though...
So would I recommend it??? If you put 230ish hours into New Leaf like me then you'll enjoy this. If not well...I'd go elsewhere. So far 8/10

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TopLaytonsHat wrote:

mystman12 wrote:

Help! I'm addicted! I've already played 5+ hours today!

The only way I can help is to ask you to put the game down to give us some impressions! How are you finding it (as if 5+ hours hasn't made it obvious )

It's so good! I can't really explain why though... I've always been a fan of Miis, and loved seeing them used in games, even when they just randomly show up in the background. It was always fun to say "Hey, I just beat Chuck Norris in arm wrestling!" and stuff like that. This game tales that to a whole new level! So far I've thrown my family, a few OCs, a cousin and Adam Young (Owl City) onto my island, and it's just so fun to watch them all interact, and form relationships. Two of my OCs are meant to be married, and it's almost like the game knows it but is trying to turn it into a huge story or something! My sister has tried to hook them up twice, but they hadn't clicked yet, and then she tried a third time and they finally became friends! It was actually tense watching them talk, hoping that they would become friends! Another thing I like about it is comparing the Miis to their real life counterparts. For example, there's an event that let's you ask the islanders questions. I made one that said "Who loves dragons?" (Something I sort of "secretly" like. Not like I don't want people to know, but like I don't really buy dragon stuff- I'm getting into too much detail aren't I?) My Mii raised his hand, and then my mom's Mii raised her hand and started jumping up and down, and my dad who was standing right next to her gave her a surprised look! The game is also, obviously, filled with surprises galore. One time my Mii got a letter from an unknown sender to come up in the roof. He did and my cousin was there, with sunglasses and a fake mustache, and said something like "Did you know that in the basement... Nevermind, I probably shouldn't talk about it." and walked away. And the dreams! Don't get me started on the dreams! I did see a few repeated things while I was playing, but this game really is intended for shorter bursts, and I haven't even had a Mii get angry or sad or fall in love yet, so I'm sure there is still a ton of content left for me to discover! I'm glad I managed to avoid most videos of this, I didn't want to spoil anything! Oh, and I definitely recommend getting the download version. I'm someone who's gone physical his whole life, but this game was so perfect for a download I just couldn't pass it up. (It doesn't support Save-Data Backups though, which is disappointing)

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I'm a few hours in. The misses and I have created a community consisting of ourselves, a random friend who we created rather by chance, but the likeness was uncanny, and Mario himself. So much fun, really enjoyable stuff, and surprisingly addictive!

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GF and I just got this game and we're looking forward to playing it together. Just wondering if we need to each transfer each other's Miis to each other's islands and how that will affect streetpass interactions.

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This game is incredible! I'm not the type of gamer who usually playes 'Sim' games, and Animal Crossing can't get me hooked for very long. Yet this game... I've spent a ton of hours on it already. It's like a good TV soap, even though I'm not even one to watch those.

Here you actually have a hand in what happens, and it's still surprising. A little story on the side:

I made Catwoman, because I 'love' Catwoman. But despite being very close friends, and very 'compatible' according to the game, they ('me' and her) wouldn't fall in love. Well, Catwoman asked 'me', but no matter how hard I wanted this to happen, my Mii rejected her. Then Harley Quinn, who of course is a bit psycho, threatened 'me' to go out with her 'or else', and now they're a couple.
Frankenstein's creature fell in love with everyone, and everyone with his Bride, but after many broken hearts ('it won't work') they noticed each other and are happy. Link and Tetra got together quite smoothly, and Catwoman -while still 'my' best friend- found love with Ganondorf.
Jack Black i currently growing towards Jessica Rabbit, and Ada Wong appears to be quite a loner.
But then... I entered Majora's Mask's Moon on the top floor. And all is literally going crazy now. Wanted to come between Frankenstein's creature and the Bride, got depressed, started a fight with Ganondorf (but they're friends now, which is scary too), and worst of all: he LITERALLY melts when I feed him broccoli.
This morning on the news there was a message of a broccoli outbreak near Link's house. And a rap battle between 'me' and Frankenstein's creature went on for like five minutes, before 'Frank' as I called him lost by saying something about cows saying... Mooh?

This may not work as a review of any kind, but this kind of absurdity, realism, and freedom, combined in one game...

If someone told me 'this is a game for you', I'd laugh at it and put it back. Picked it up after the absurd Tomodachi Directs got me interested, and I'm addicted now. A nice time-waster, I thought. An absurd, funny life-sim. It's eating my days! My life!


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Shouldn't we change the thread title? I believe "Collection" was the sub-title of the first game on DS, which never made it here.

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Why aren't there more posts about Tomodachi Life???

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My sons just got me this for Father's Day. It's not something I would have bought as there are other games that we don't own that I would have rather had. It was definitely something they wanted so they got it for me! But, I will admit that after playing for a couple hours I'm enjoying it more then I thought I would. It's really a game about a good way. Kind of reminds me of Seinfeld. I don't know if it's something I can do for long gaming sessions but I'm enjoying it a lot in half hour bursts. I'm not far into the game, as I have yet to get to the streetpass/spotpass features.

I have Miis representing my family and Shaun White, Christina Aguilera, and Debby Ryan. I was going to grab Shaq as well but ran out of time. Does anyone know of a website that has Mii and the QR codes?


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I just discovered a site where you can grab Miis. I'm going to fill my my apartment with a mix of crazy miis, starting with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!


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@dkxcalibur has Mii QR codes though you'll have to scan them using the Mii Maker and import them into the game.

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I really like this game! Your mii gets a little room in the apartment building, and will want you to give them food or play a game, or want to make friends with another mii. The more you do, the more things appear on the island!
Your miis ask for food or a change in outfit, and the more you do with them the more 'points' and money you recieve, and at every 'level' the character can get a new apartment look, a song to sing at the stage, a new catchphrase, or a 'gift' - like I gave one mii a 3DS, and sometimes when I click their apartment, they're sitting there playing a game.
The miis go to each other's apartments and hang out, which is super cute to watch. Once three miis were just rolling around on the floor together!




Two questions: 1) Does the game use the R button for something important? (or should I buy my niece a new 3ds too?) 2) Can you start the game with a family? I mean, can my niece import her Mii, then her sister's and parent's Miis forcing the game to use the real life relationship?

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@andreoni79 Near as I can tell, the game is played almost entirely with the touch screen. Any picture taking uses the X and Y buttons, so I don't think that broken R button is going to cause any problems. As for a family, you can't force the game to recognize family members, but you can stop relationships from happening, if they're a little to weird for you. Hope this helps.

Anyways, I just got this game off the eShop, today, so I immediately imported myself, my friends, and a few other people I know IRL. Next I'll add Nintendo Miis and then VG characters before just going nuts with it on my own. I would like to point out that my best friend was the second character to move in and his Mii is very short. Mine is very tall, so this makes the pairing of the two hilarious. On top of that, his Mii asked me for money and made a short joke. XD

"Hey, I'm a little short. No, I don't mean my height. I need some money."

This really cracked me up. Glad I picked this up before the Summer dullness set in.

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