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I haven't heard from any of my explorers in ages. I've got 9 currently out in the world, and the last time I heard from one of them was on the 16th of December. Still haven't heard anything from one who had left in July last year.

Of the 10 couples I've had in the history of the game (including 1 ended in divorce (but not before producing a child)), 6 have had kids.

The Pilkingtons have had 4 children (1 resident, 3 explorers)
The Simpsons have had 4 children (1 resident, 3 explorers)
The Gervaises have 2 children (1 explorer, 1 resident)
The Dwyers have 4 children (2 explorers, 2 residents)
The Kensit-B's have 3 children (all residents)
The former Marcos had one child before divorcing.

Gary Coleman & Rachel Green from 'Friends' have been together for a long time, but haven't managed to produce offspring yet. I wouldn't mind instigating a divorce, but just like Zilda (an alternate Zelda) & Ross (another couple, though unmarried), I just can't get them to split.

But the good news is, after being dumped, my lookalike has landed Sharla from Xenoblade Chronicles. She has a tendency to wear a full plate helm (when I'd rather she just wore the red plate armour), but my lookalike might finally have a chance at happiness.

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