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This is just a list of rather minor things that bother me about the 3ds (even though I love it) that I wish Nintendo would address......

1. Always using the second screen, I love the 2 screen setup on a handheld (wii u is a different story) the flip design and I think having a separate screen from input has proven its worth and I would not like to see nintendo go with a single touchscreen a la vita, but with that said, there are games that really can do with a single screen, for example Super Mario 3D Land uses for an oversized display of the powerup you have stored and some camera controls which could be mapped elsewhere...... if the game can do without touchscreen input it would be nice if games came with the option of just turning the second screen off to save battery life.

2. The ridiculous age checks, I mean I understand Nintendo wants to cover its assess and avoid being sued by some parent who doesn't like what his child access but nintendo age checks are ridiculous, they pop up everytime you click on anything relating a M+17 title, even within the same session, there is no reasons you should be required to confirm your age more than once per session, this thing is stupid and only give ammo to the guys who say nintendo is for children.

3. No access to the Youtube 3D channel, this I really don't get, if you are trying to market 3D this is the first thing you should secure, autostereoscopic smartphones such as the Optimus 3d Max or the HTC 3d which I understand are based in the same technology as the 3Ds have access to the channel as one of its main features... now I don't care much about 3d but I really bugs me that nintendo has not such basic feature in a 3d device, access to 3d youtube I think will also increase the console's appeal to non core gamers.

4. Separate chargers for each region. this is totally stupid for handheld.... the appeal of handheld is supposed to be that you can take them with you for travel.... Now if say you are in the U.S. and want to take your 3DS with you because you are making a trip to europe, you need to wast time of your travel searching for a game store where you can purchase an European 3DS charger or else order an import one before you leave which is likely to be expensive.... that is totally ridiculous all mobile devices such as laptops and cell phones have universal chargers so you only need to get a plug adapter which is much easier to find that a propietary charger... I really have no idea what nintendo was thinking here but that's totally stupid.

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@ferthepoet -
2. Multiple people can use the same 3DS, you know, so the age check input is there to prevent someone, like a 6-year-old, from seeing inappropriate content on someone's 3DS. At least the checks are easily passable if you know how to pass them up.

4. You don't need a separate charger for each region when traveling internationally with your 3DS; you can always buy a plug adapter online or at places like RadioShack, allowing you to plug in your adapter to a wall outlet, then your NA plug into the adapter. I should know; this is how I charged my 3DS when I was in Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia this past summer. Try to avoid the really cheap ones, though; the original converter I had for my 3DS wouldn't work with my charger, but thankfully I traded adapters with someone I was traveling with and both our devices were fine after that. Or, you could look for a USB-based 3DS charger, which is what I'm assuming you're talking about above when you mention a universal charger. I don't think this is that big of a deal; it's not like power conversion problems didn't exist before the 3DS launched

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Most of your points aren't too big issues but I do agree on the youtube thing. With the 3D being a main attraction on this thing, it's really odd how we are lacking the ability to really watch anything in 3D. When they first talked about 3D videos, the first thing that got me excited was the thought of being able to watch 3D videos. Nintendo Video is nice and all as kind of a little advert, side thing, but it doesn't cut it.

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One thing that annoys me is how online/friend communication ends the second you close your system and restarts when you re-open it. I instinctively close the lid when I take a break, and so I'm paranoid that everyone on my friends list hates me because I make their orange light flash all the time.

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I think Netflix was working on a 3D fix. More full 3D videos on 3DS would sell the thing even better for sure.


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The screens can still scratch each other. It's not as bad as on the original model, but annoying none-the-less.

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My two cents:

1. Not sure where you're coming from here. If a system has a second screen, why NOT use it? It would seem a bit of a waste to me.

2. Age checks are everywhere. You're gonna have to live with it. And yes, Nintendo has aimed at children and has always been for a while. It's part of their family-friendly nature. If everyone wants to call Nintendo kiddy, then let them be immature (irony!)

3. Hmm, I see potential in this.

4. What are you talking about? Most chargers are universal if you have an adapter for the plugs

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If there's one thing I dislike about my 3DS (or any DS, for that matter), it's the flimsy shoulder buttons.
Oh, and I think that some games need to be sold cheaper on the eShop. For example, games like PilotWings Resort are more than 2 years old, and are still being sold at 45 euros. That's a bit too much, if you ask me.

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the one negative thing i have to say about the 3DS is the browser :-, Yes most people have smartphones, tablets, laptops .. but it could be improved that's all

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The 3D camera and video are both pathetic. The internet browser might as well not even be there. I don't see the utility of using it as a music player either.

Good things its amazing at what it was designed to do: play video games.

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This is going to sound REALLY nit-picky, but how the top screen always gets smudgy when you shut the 3DS, right after cleaning it....


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