Topic: There really should be a Yu-Gi-Oh game on 3DS already

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The system's been out for a while, and Yugioh games were great on handhelds since the GBA. I would really like to see one for the 3DS. And if the real game has gotten so complex that writing an engine and AIs for it is too much of a problem, THEN they should make something like a sequel to Duelists of the Roses I loved that game. Anyone else agree?



I wouldnt mind one. Not sure if id get it since im content with playing 2008

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Well, they already skipped on World Championship 2012, so yeah, agreed.


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OMG I would love a yugioh game for 3ds.

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Is YuGiOh still around? I haven't heard anything about it for awhile now?

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@Tasuki: Yes. Right now, it's in it's fourth series, Zexal. It's kind of interesting.



Yeah, that would be nice. I've never really been into Yugi, but I recently started playing the TCG game and watching the show when it comes on, Sunday mornings with my son. It's pretty good stuff.

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Yea I agree. Except I want it to be top noch and not a lazy game meaning 3d monster sprites dlc.. online play etc but with so many monsters in the game I doubt the 3ds hardware can handle it :/

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@Beta Oh, that sounds interesting. I liked YuGiOh for awhile but I've never played one of the games. Might have to look into it.

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Yu-Gi-Oh still going? That brings back memories.

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yu gi oh + skylanders = tons of cash for nintendo....

full name is Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

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lol been funny if it was a dance off game... too bad no release date for it... Probally next summer hopefully before that but since it was not even shown or old of at E 3 i doubt 2013 release


The game is slated to ship in Japan this winter....... SO dont hold your breathe waiting for this to be ported cause it wont happen and if it did would not be til summer 2014 or fall 2014.... would not shocked me to see a new handheld system shown by then

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I am actually still a fan of the game and play it on Duleing network, the sight has every card in the game and its really fun to play on.

Won't get me to buy any of the cards but still I would buy the games. Maybe another dueling academy game. (Yugioh GX duel academy for GBA was my fav yugioh game with card gameplay, but my top has to be yugioh falsebound kingdom for GameCube)

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I, too, would like another Yugioh Game. Hopefully, it won't be skylanders.


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Wow, that's pretty sweet! It will probably take a while for localization but when it happens, yes I shall buy the game
My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh game is Duelists of the Roses on PS2 I enjoy the different gameplay



@jamiljamtheman First day buy for me, too! We should totally duel when it comes out! ^_^

slidecage wrote:

The game is slated to ship in Japan this winter....... SO dont hold your breathe waiting for this to be ported cause it wont happen and if it did would not be til summer 2014 or fall 2014.... would not shocked me to see a new handheld system shown by then

Amd what makes you so sure? Every Yu-Gi-Oh! game on the DS was localised and ZeXal was actually dubbed. Besides, the last few World Championship games already with English as a language, so it's just a matter of swapping the Japanese cards with the censored English ones.

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FINALLY! ASAP buy here. I LOVE the game, but I never have anyone to play it with.

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AR Yugioh. Why does this not exist?

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Yu-Gi-Oh would be a good fit for the 3DS, the more of I think of it...y'know, I may just pick it up if it ever hits the shelves.

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