Topic: The Circle Pad Grip/Rubbery Part On My 3DS is Wearing Off, Can I Fix It?

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I've had my 3DS for a few years, but all of a sudden recently my circle pad's grib started wearing off. I wanna know if there's any way I can fix/replace it and what would be the best thing to buy to replace it.

Edit: I realized I didn't post this very clearly, Im talking about the circle pad's grip/rubber.

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You can find replacement circle pads online, but the system still works fine even if the rubbery part falls off.

Even if the solid plastic circle under it breaks off, the stump that's left works fine too.

It just doesn't look as nice. And it's probably a bit uncomfortable on longer gaming sessions.

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You can always send it back to Nintendo, they will repair it to factory specifications. Unfortunately, it isn't free - I think it was $95? Still, cheaper than buying a new 3DS I guess.



@gcunit I probably should have said this more clearly, the grip on the circle pad.

But im totally keeping a bookmark on that website, I'd probably need it in the future.

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