Topic: The blue 3DS is ugly?

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After seeing both in real life I'm going to have to say Aqua Blue! It's also the one I have pre-ordered.

Both colours of the 3DS have a sort of glittery look to it, and IMHO, the Cosmo Black doesn't go with it very well. It enhances the look of the Blue to make it seem shinier, but with the black, it seems odd... as if your console is covered in dust. :/
Look at this and you'll see what I mean:

Normally I'd go with Black on any piece of tech, but the 3DS is different. I want the 3DS to stand out, I want it to bring a bit of colour into my life rather than being all dull as usual.

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Want black, but that's just because I prefer having a solid color. The blue looks nice too. I may change my mind when I see it in person.

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I'm getting the Cosmo Black.

I usually always get black devices, they tend to look nicer after extended periods of ownership. IMO the Aqua Blue one looks a bit tacky and 70's-ish, and I'm not really a big fan of the whole two-tone color scheme.

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IMO the blue is pretty ugly, and its strange how there are two blues, and even worse its a light blue unlike the strong blue of the DSLite.

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I think I prefer the blue because it looks more lighthearted and less serious, and Nintendo was originally a toy company after all. It just has more of a 'fun' feeling, I guess. But Black is by no means ugly, just not my style. (although I DO have a Black DSlite, that's another story, lol )


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Corbs wrote:

Having seen both the Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black 3DS systems in person, I think the blue is hands-down the best looking of the two and easily the best looking portable system Nintendo has ever released. If you're that interested in color, you should probably wait until you see them both in person to decide. Pictures don't really do these things justice.

Which is why everyone needs the blue one, because Corbie said so

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For some reason, the Cosmo Black seems to me like a prototype version of the 3DS, the Aqua Blue looks like the final model.



cosmo black hands down now

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lunchmeats101 wrote:

I'm getting the Cosmo Black.

I usually always get black devices, they tend to look nicer after extended periods of ownership. IMO the Aqua Blue one looks a bit tacky and 70's-ish, and I'm not really a big fan of the whole two-tone color scheme.

All these points.


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I'm getting aqua blue. But if I had the patience, I would wait for the red one. I really wanted that red one

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I'd like to see a green one myself.

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Odnetnin wrote:

pixelman wrote:

Blue is ugly. Black is for the win.

Pixels are ugly. Blue FTW.

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i'm glad to see people defending the blue version, b/c i'm not going to change my preorder, but here's to hoping that they come out with other colors quickly. My fiancee will likely wait for purple, that one looked pretty sharp.

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I don't have the patience to wait for a red one, but I also don't have the money to get it any time soon. The red one is quite astounding though!

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Otaku wrote:

I never picked a color but my receipt says Cosmo Black, and thats the one I want because I want my system all one color

All the 3DS colours are 3 different shades.

Both colours are beautiful but black is my preference. Just wait til' you get your console you'll fall in love with the colour.


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I saw it in GAME and really liked the look of blue so I pre-ordered that.



Woah SonicMaster, that green is sweet! Gimme!

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I had the chance to see all the colors at E3 and really wish they would have released the red and the purple versions. These two by far were the best. The red looked so amazing with the black contrast. Sadly, I will have to settle for the blue until red is released.

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