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@ReaderRagfihs I actually bought Lego Battles last year when my local hypermarket sold off their last few DS games. I had never given the game any attention and didn't know of it but it was very cheap and I noticed it was a real time strategy game, which is quite uncommon for DS, so I picked it up. I haven't actually played more than the first two missions though. The pathfinding didn't work the greatest but otherwise it was fine.

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Infinite Space on the DS was a surprisingly great game, and about twice as long as I was expecting.

Avalon Code was the other game that I really got into, but heard so little about. Both games were closer to the end of the DS lifespan



I'd give a shout out to Hydroventure: Spin Cycle. It's a fantastic use of the tilt sensors in the 3DS's hardware. I'd love a remake on Switch with rumble support!



@Late Pathfinding was indeed a bit unreliable, you had to guide them along rather than just giving them a location to go to and expect none of them to get stuck. But other than that, it was pretty good as a mini portable Starcraft. My friend also had it and multiplayer was fun.

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