Topic: The 3DS Browser does NOT support flash or HTML5.

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i wanna watch videos from my sd card, how hard is that to code.
i want to be able to put .txt files on my card and read them. i always have plenty of personal notes or faqs for my RPGs, how hard is it to code a simple notepad ? seriously.

This is ridiculous. they achieve to create that 3D camera, and yet they didnt even put a simple text file reader on their machine.

i bought the 3ds for gaming of course. But handheld life has changed, and now iphone found the way to go. open to third party and indie developpers, load of small applications or games. perfect for everyday use, bus riding, line waiting, toilet using, etc.
i mean, the handheld is something you carry around in your everyday life, it has to be able to fit those 5 minutes now and then. nintendo has to competition with this iphone, it has to take that and add more to crush apple.

This is exactly what's wrong with the tech industry. No company should try to pass off a device as a universal media center, because no company specializes in every area. The idea that one handheld should be able to do everything instead of focusing on what it was meant for is ridiculous, because nobody can do everything right. No matter how good you are at something, there's always someone who can do another thing better.

I realize the iPhone is an exception, but only to a certain extent. Apps have gone a long way to making it the "all-purpose" machine, but it still can't do everything. There are some great games on the app store, but you have to swim through an ocean of shovelware to find them. Most games would benefit from being on another system, too.

Most companies think that they should do everything just because they're really good at one thing. Now we have a bunch of different types of devices that are good at what they're supposed to do, but really sloppy with everything else. The fact that most devices have a built in text editor makes the 3DS's lack of one a good thing.

well, that all makes sense.
but the text reader and movie reader are things gamers use. i use notepads or even Word to take notes, or copy faqs I want to read when im offline.
I even use a movie player to watch some extra hard things i need visual reference for. or simply watch a deathmatch in a shooter to learn some tricks.
If you wanna specialize in gaming, these are to be considered.

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I don't mind that it doesn't support flash, but not HTML 5, now that's just stupid.

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i'd be happier if it were just faster than the DSi Browser, lol. most of the sites i visit have basic HTML or mobile versions of themselves anyway, so this news is no big deal for me :3


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