Topic: The 3DS is a good console. Why is so hated?

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I Do love the 3DS. Its that it more of nostalgia to me. So far the best 3DS games I've played are Dream Team, Miracle Mask and 3D Land and also Ocarina of Time and yes Dark Moon too. I just don't feel that nostalgia like how I felt when playing DS games like Canvas Curse and Phantom Hourglass. I know eventually I'll get a game that does that but still I've enjoyed all my 3DS games so far with the exception of maybe Sticker Star and London Olympic games.

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

^in what planet? even in Brazil(São Paulo more specifically) with all the COD "Hardcore" fanboys the 3DS is getting praise....

I think that person was being sarcastic.

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i love my 3ds like my girlfriends i wish i had



I'll just add my two cents here... The 3DS isn't hated at all, at least not by people who have their heads screwed on when it comes to gaming. There are casual gamers of course, you know, the ones who just play Call of Duty and Fifa (and there are a LOT of those people out there, trust me), and they do hate the 3DS, or rather Nintendo in general. But I think people who enjoy a wide variety of gaming can find a lot to love about the 3DS.

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TheLilK98 wrote:

The point is, the 3DS isn't hated. End of story. We really don't need to be resurrecting this thread just to draw this out, do we?

So .... if someone were to respond to you right now, it would really piss you off? What if they posted something not at all related to the topic? Would that help? Maybe someone could post some nonsense and kill the topic? Was there ever a topic? If I am to post in here, would you hate me?

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I don't hate the 3DS, but I far from love it. In the time I've owned the thing, from launch day please note, I've only bought 3 retail games, all of which were slightly above decent, $55 worth of eShop games, with the others being Ambassador Program downloads and Club Nintendo Rewards, and $0 of DLC that Nintendo has tried to force on me to get the last 1/3 of of a game I've already paid $40 for $53. The 3DS is the first step to a "modernized" Nintendo, and not in the good way either. The games just haven't been that good, and the practices have been EA-worthy. Pretty much the 3DS has felt like a watered-down console, not a handheld.

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SomeBitTripFan wrote:

DLC that Nintendo has tried to force on me to get the last 1/3 of of a game I've already paid $40 for $53.

Yeah, I remember how Nintendo held me at gunpoint to get me to buy that Luigi U game.

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anthonypokemon wrote:

i love my 3ds like my girl friends i wish i had

I read this, and then I considered an appropriate response.


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SomeBitTripFan wrote:


Oh great.... even here on Nintendolife there are 3ds hater.... and you're saying that I'm exagerating...



Volke93 wrote:

SomeBitTripFan wrote:


Oh great.... even here on Nintendolife there are 3ds hater.... and you're saying that I'm exagerating...

I was going to say you're exaggerating yet again...but rereading his post it really does do more to further your point than anything else. <_<

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SomeBitTripFan wrote:

...$0 of DLC that Nintendo has tried to force on me to get the last 1/3 of of a game I've already paid $40 for $53.

The 3DS has never done this, as far as I can remember. The biggest offender have for 3DS DLC is Fire Emblem: Awakening, where DLC is made up entirely of side missions and extra characters that have nothing to do with the story and are completely unnecessary for game completion.

The games just haven't been that good,

Well yes, f you ignore the large library of objectively great games and focus only on the three retail games that you bought and didn't like (apparently, there was a lot of DLC involved).

the practices have been EA-worthy.
Just no.

Pretty much the 3DS has felt like a watered-down console, not a handheld.

In what way? I mean, you have a glasses-free 3D device that fits in your pocket, rewards you for mobility, has a function that passively communicates with any other 3DS in the area, wi-fi multiplayer, and can be put to sleep at any time by simply closing the lid. What sort of console does all of that? It's entire library is also made up of games that can be played in installments of only several minutes at a time. Everything about it identifies uniquely as a handheld. There's nothing about it that resembles a console.

I get the feeling that you really haven't spent much time with your 3DS at all.

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This is the first that I've heard of this, sure it wasn't well received during its first year, but now I hear nothing but positive remarks about the 3DS.

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3DS was only "hated" in 2011


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Let me just clarify, I don't hate my 3DS in the way y'all are portraying me, but as a consumer I am extremely stressed with it. I'm a Nintendo fan, but the Nintendo that Nintendo is becoming is not the Nintendo I grew up with, was an obnoxious fanboy for. Please note, I love Nintendo, I bought a 3DS and a Wii U on their respective launch days, but my patience with Nintendo has worn thin. Have none of you seen it? Nintendo isn't the company it was, and obviously the fanbase isn't either. I'll give myself the fun of answering all of your wonderfully hate-laced comments.

@kkslider5552000: I appreciate your sarcasm, and I'm referring to the Fire Emblem DLC though. Also, OCD read about it. Without the DLC, my game feels incomplete, so to make the game feel complete, I buy the DLC. See how that works?

Volke93 wrote:

Oh great.... even here on Nintendolife there are 3ds hater.... and you're saying that I'm exagerating...

Read the first sentence of my first post, I'm frustrated with Nintendo. I'm not demanding they bow to my feet and change, but if they keep this up, their console and handheld consoles will have one less buyer on launch day and maybe will never get that sell at all.

@CanisWolfred: Maybe I am exaggerating on the EA thing, but in 20 years, what will Nintendo look like? I know you won't agree with me, but Fire Emblem: Awakening was a test. Nintendo is trying to see how much BS we Nintendo fans will put up with. From what I've seen, they'll be able to pull a lot off. What happened to the hatred for DLC? Remember when to NLifers DLC came from the deepest pits of hell? Remember the "Don't release a game that isn't done." argument? What happened when Nintendo adopted the idea of DLC? The fans ate it all up. Take Fire Emblem: Awakening for instance. Nintendo already had most of the DLC for that game complete in Japan, but in America, they still released it as DLC even though those maps were complete. I will admit, I'm not sure if the translations were done, but even then, America got the game almost a month before Europe. Why didn't Nintendo postpone the game and add some of the DLC? Consistency? To Appease Fans? Money? I'm sure the answer is clear. Sure, some of the DLC is free, but why did Nintendo rush the game out the door instead of completing it? I would love to continue, I honestly could, but to keep this from becoming far too "tl;dr" I'll stop my ranting here, but here are my thoughts. Fire Emblem: Awakening was a test, and one that succeeded with flying colors. Why else would Nintendo be releasing so much DLC? And by that I mean besides the "lengthening the period of enjoyment" mask that the DLC hides behind. Think about it. Games that we didn't know even supported DLC actually did. Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land are all getting "additional content". I may just be cynical, but to me that screams "Paid DLC" into my ear. As irrational as I may sound and as irrational as I might be, I just can't help it. You'd be correct to assume the beginning of my Nintendo cynicism began with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Yes, I'm a child in a corner pouting over the the alleged "destruction" of a series I love. I guess that's my flaw, being hardheaded and thick skulled and my wisdom only being the extent of my foolishness. I won't claim the certain historical events didn't happen or that I'm some Gnotist to some form of Nintendoism, that's pushing it too far, but allow me to live in my own cynical view of the world around me, being cautious of every move Nintendo makes and claiming "The end is near!' every time Nintendo does something I find 'shady'.

@CaviarMeths: I'm breaking down each part of your comment. Each paragraph will represent a response to each response you made on my post.

You hit the nail on the head. Fire Emblem: Awakening has $53 worth of DLC. What happened to the "Don't release a game if it isn't complete" mentality? I'm not saying you were one of those people, but personally, when I pay for a game, I want everything I paid for, not an 'entry ticket' to even more spending. I don't mind DLC, as long as it is reasonably priced, comes a good length after the game releases, and doesn't come in spades. In other words, I don't like Fire Emblem: Awakening's approach to it. Also, while not necessary the DLC is better than the normal game, at least according to ScroogeMcLz, who said, "I'm actually enjoying the DLC more than the game itself. There's so much variety in challenge and....swimsuits...". Whether his comment was a joke or not, it isn't like I'm not missing out on anything. Oh and don't forget about OCD. Look to my response to kkslider on that one.

I'll correct myself. I owned four 3DS games, one of which was the first game I ever traded in to Gamestop, but it isn't hard to guess which game that is. Just look a the list below.
-Pilotwings Resort
-Steel Diver
-Tales of the Abyss
-Fire Emblem: Awakening

While any game rating is subjective, none of these games really offered anything I liked.

Pilotwings Resort: As a huge fan of the plane mini-game in Wii Sports Resort, I was ecstatic about this game. It was fun, but too short and wasn't my type of game anyway. I didn't mean the games were bad, they just didn't cater to my tastes as I expected them to.

Steel Diver: Just a weird, clunky, short, gimmicky game. Sold it a few weeks later.

-Tales of the Abyss: Not a bad game by any means, but not particularly suited to the 3DS. The only advantage it has to the PS2 version are the load times. Tales of the Abyss is suited to long term secessions, not quick bursts, the 3DS version lacked multiplayer, sound filters, and just looked bad on the 3DS screen. The 3D didn't even work right.

-Fire Emblem: Awakening: I'm a fairly big fan of Fire Emblem. Awakening killed it for me. I could rant about the game for hours, but that isn't healthy. In a nutshell, DLC, watered-down mechanics, and a more generic approach versus the classic approach to Fire Emblem killed me. Pointy wizard hats? Really Nintendo? But, yeah, the game was meant to be lapped up by everyone who used Ike and Marth in Smash Bros, why else would they pull the whole useless 'Lucina in a mask calling herself Marth' thing, and fill the rest of the game with fanservice.

Maybe this was exaggeration, but I cover my reasons for saying that in the response to Canis. I think Nintendo is shifting toward becoming a more EA-like company. (As I said consult my response to Canis on that one.)

I'm talking game design, not the practical usage. All the 3DS games I've played have felt like watered-down, portable versions of console games. Handheld gaming is supposed to be a completely different entity, or at least match consoles in some regard.

I've played my 3DS quite a lot actually. I did buy the thing at launch. I've got tons of games downloaded, primarily through the Ambassador Program. I've likely put over 300, maybe even 700 hours into the thing. I'm not in the best of financial conditions right now, so I've been investing in cheaper retro games.

@Canis: Read the paragraph above.

@ The Admins and Staff: If you need to edit this post in any way, please do, but keep the message and intent in place.

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@SomeBitTripFan, I can understand your feelings on DLC (I disagree, but I'm not here to debate that), but the extra content coming for SM3DL, MK7, & KI:U is exclusively launching through the Nintendo Zone app (at most, meaning it'll be be SpotPass stuff, like a challenge box, ghost data, & weapon gem, respectively).


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So... do you have any actual criticisms aside from not liking the approach of offering DLC in FE:A? The only arguments you seem to be making in your posts are that DLC is bad and that Fire Emblem should stay the same and not try to evolve its gameplay mechanics.

Of the four games you own, 2 are wholly unremarkable and another is a barebones port of a PS2 game. You should try getting some of the big releases for the system if you want to get your money's worth out of it!

Regarding FE:A: None of the DLC is anything that would have made it into the main campaign anyhow, and is just there for people who want to extend the amount of content offered by the game.

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