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Oh wow, nice. Yeah, it shows later in the video the lady pressing the Home button and the main menu appearing. That's a great move by Nintendo!

It opens up a lot of possibilities if there's a complete interface available when you press the Home button, rather than having just the overlay.

i know, right? i'm wondering if we can have a game in progress in the background (like it thinks it's in sleep mode) while an app is running in the foreground. there's a lot of times where i'll be playing a game, get tired in the middle of a fight or some other point where i can't save, and then have to just shut it off so that i can use the Mario Clock as an alarm clock (like if my phone isn't around and it'd be a pain in the rear to get it, lol). i would love a feature where i can exit out of my game in progress to the Home menu, open the Mario Clock (or whatever other alarm-clock app i want to use) and then be able to resume my game from where i was later on.

thats basically a side feature,only problem is that its consuming still alot of power + if you keep doing it it will lower down your hardware faster i quess.



'lower down [my] hardware'? i can see it draining battery faster, but not so much with wearing out my 3DS, if that's what you were trying to say.

future of NL >:3
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