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Nintendo really needs to implement "syncing" into their consoles. Like for example, if you bought a game at the eShop for $39 or more and your 3DS XL broke... you have to buy it again, no? And further more, you can;t even share a game or at least trade virtually-bought games.

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I think that's in regards to the unified account system... You buy a VC title on Wii U and would obviosuly like to download it onto your 3DS, without buying it again.

I think we should have the option to stretch VC games, like the Gameboy Advance SP allowed.


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I think that there are some things that Nintendo needed in the hardware before pushing it to the Eight Generation so soon. Sure, when you compare the DS Lite to the DSi, there were not a lot of differences except with the Home OS, not to mention the extra "Wireless" slider and camera for added features. However, that was supposed to be a mid-seventh generation handheld.

With the eight generation, I expected new buttons, at least two new ways for movement (I didn't know how, because analog sticks couldn't possibly fit in to a handheld that closes), and pressure on the ABXY buttons. They added a Home button and a circle pad if you exclude the 3D Slider. I liked the circle pad, but a problem that would be faced would be the ability for those clickable buttons on the analog sticks for the Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controller since circle pads are flat.

In the ninth generation handheld hardware, I would like to see two new shoulder buttons, a "Snapshot" and "Recording/Stop Recording" button, some sort of USB or something for a head set, a second circle pad, (obviously) and maybe pressure on the ABXY buttons so we could force how much of the attack or jump or whatever we'd want to input. Also, I don't know what, but something for those "C" and "Z" buttons that are on one of the Genesis and Saturn controllers if the 3DS would have Genesis and Saturn Virtual Console games. It could be an add-on or something that would make it conformable and simple.

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Neoproteus wrote:

I have to say the thumbstick kind of sucks. It's fine when your hands are dry but sweat even the tiniest bit and everything feels like a Mario Ice level. I'd like it if the next hardware revision had some kind of grooves or a better rubberized surface, or at least a rubberized sticker to solve the problem on my current 3DS.

The eShop is still clunky. Not that there's a whole lot of quality content on there anyway, but I feel like it could be much easier to navigate.

You can buy a cover for the circle pad.

At least they added the second row, but yeah, there needs to be a better navigation menu.

Shambo wrote:

Tasuki wrote:

I am surprised that no one mentioned the lack of a second circle pad.

That's my only complaint. 3dsxl should've had one built in. Otherwise, since the update adding folders, there's generally nothing worth complaining about for the xl.

Actually, the XL didn't have room for a 2nd pad. This would also cause an unnecessary switch to a 2nd pad...when in all honesty very few games would take advantage of it.

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The L and R buttons. They feel really cheapy and seem like they are about to break at any moment. IMO, the original DS was the last Nintendo handheld with good L and R buttons.

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The Account system and the block system, thats the inly 2 problems i have, 1 of them its at least supposed to be fixed this year, and the last one, its more of a annoyance than a problem itself

Theres 1 last thing that i dont like, that if im using the 3DS browser to search for a guide or something, it has to download the page all over again, so if i want to set up a guide that i can check everywhere im, i can not... since i need internet

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