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I originally wanted to buy a new 3ds xl but now I'm thinking about just buying a 2DS cause it's cheaper and after hearing many things about that the 3DS line is nearing its end I'm just feeling scared to spend much money on a system. In contrary to many others I don't think the 2DS is ugly. Its looks don't bother me at all. But now I'm asking myself.. is its form comfortable to play games? Because I always had a DS Lite, DSi, a normal 3DS etc and on those systems you could close the screens ( Idk how to say it properly I'm not English. I hope I'm clear). But the regular 2DS doesn't have this and I'm wondering if that will bother me. How do you guys experience this? Is it comfortable to have in your hands? Also do you need screen protectors for it since you cant close the screens? And are the cases they sell for 3DS (XL) etc also suitable for the 2DS? Because I saw many nice 3ds cases.

And is the 2DS actually just meant for kids? Because I saw on the Nintendo website that it's design is "perfect for kids" with many pictures of children playing on a 2DS.

Just wondering, what colo(u)r of 2DS do you think is the best? I personally was thinking about transparent red.



I love my transparent blue 2DS.

If you want one, go for it. It's comfortable to hold and there's no noisy hinges.

If I had a complaint, it would be that the dpad is a bit too small, and the speaker is of a lower quality than on the other models.

Regular 3ds cases won't fit it though, but they sell 2ds cases too. If you do get one then you won't need the screen protectors, but getting some won't hurt anyone.

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@YellowPikmin As far as getting a system from the 3DS line, I definitely recommend it. I just got my regular sized New 3DS this past Christmas, and although I have about 10 games now, there are so many more I want and I know it will bring me lots of entertainment for years to come. As far as the 2DS itself, two of my sons have them so I have some experience with them.

The big pro for the 2DSis that it can play almost the whole 3DS library and only costs about $80 USD. It also is a very sturdy system and is comfortable to hold. My sons have not scratched their screens yet but I personally put a screen protector on any gadget I buy immediately. They each have a case which is like a cushioned sleeve that holds 3 extra games inside.

As far as the cons, there are a few. There is only one mono speaker, and the screens are smaller than even the regular sized New 3DS screens. I am personally a big fan of the clamshell design, so not having that is a con for me. The last one depends on preference. I happen to be a big fan of 3D stereoscopic visuals, but if you don't care about that then you obviously won't miss it.

That being said, if you are on a budget and want to play 3DS games, I would absolutely recommend getting the 2DS. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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I have the blue pokemon 2ds and it is great! Also have an original 3DS and a new 3DS. 2DS feels so cool and robust, kind of like a gameboy. If you have none of the family get one to try it out, you can always upgrade later.



I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum (and probably in the minority), but I don't find the 2DS comfortable at all.

I have a N3DS, 3DSXL, 2x old 3DS and I prefer all of those to my 2DS.

My machines.

I would say, try all of the available options before buying if possible.

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I really like the clamshell design of the 3DS XL, but I never use the 3D effect. The New 2DS XL would have been the perfect product for me if it has existed when I bought my 3DS.



I LOVE my 2DS. It's easily the best value in gaming right now.

It's comfortable in my large hands. I always found the clamshell unbalanced and crammed my hands onto the bottom half of the unit. The 2DS has plenty of room for me to spread my fingers across the back of the unit. It's much more comfortable for me.

Sometimes the bottom edges dig into my lower palm when I hold it too tight. A silicone case would probably alleviate that. I'm just too lazy to buy one and it's not enough of a problem.

I got the soft case when I bought it a year ago and I keep it in there when I'm not playing it. The screens are still perfect. I rarely take it out of my house, so that helps.

I've tried the 3D on demo units, and it's cool, but don't think it adds enough to the experience. I'd probably never use it.

I would totally buy one again.



@MegaButterfree : I also like the sea green/white one! But it isn't available in my country :/ (I'm from Europe) . Here the only ones currently available are the black/blue and white/red ones with Mario Kart 7/New super mario bros 2 pre-installed. The transparent red one is available in a neighboring country and the transparent blue isn't available at all that I've seen sadly..

@RatKing64 : I also like the clamshell design but somehow I dislike the looks of the new 2DS XL. I don't know, it looks so frail compared to the regular 2DS and (new) 3DS (xl).



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