Topic: System Update September 13, 2013

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I just got a message that theres an update which I'm doing now. Does anyone know what its for? Or is it another behind the scenes one?

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For 3DS or WiiU?
EDIT: Sorry I came to this from the front page. 3DS is the answer.
I'll see if I can find anything different.

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I just got it.
It was the blue spotpass notification light and when I opened my 3DS the update was already downloaded and ready to go.
No idea what the update is for, so I came here.


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i tend to wait a few hours before i download a new update, because there have been numerous bugs in the last 3DS-updates.

ps: writing from my 3DS

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Well, I'm gonna go download it now... I always like to be up-to-date (even when being up-to-date doesn't really mean anything other than a number... lol)!

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I think it's just an update to block flashcarts. I don't know myself, though.
EDIT: Oh right, It hasn't. Nevermind.

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Additionally, it doesn't stop people using HomePass to collect StreetPass tags, so that's fine. Just another behind-the-scenes small update, I guess.

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