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@Chaoslink1 That video was for NA only.


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just a question does the 3DS use wpa2 incription unlike the dsi? as of right now i cannot play pokemon with a friend on skype

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Is it normal that my 3DS does not update...? :x



I got it...I watched it there anyway to delete it?

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So, yeah.. Guess it isn't normal after all...



^^This is something I'd like to know too. Frankly, these types of video's aren't something I want to waste my memory on.

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I like the song and the video, but the 3d effect didn't show to much.

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^^That's lame. I'd like to be able to choose what content to put on my system (or not) and keep it as long as I want. Hopefully this kind of thing will stop once they figure out what they want to do with a channel for video and you can choose what to stream/download and it won't be forcibly pushed on you with updates. Do not want.

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@ Token Girl
so u got the NA version of the 3DS
Did u have error messages so far ? Still quite puzzling that update is ....

Only way now to get rid of update is complete system formatting i guess since BigN still has to activate the system data management from the 3Ds

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MH4 online thread

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Watched the video, was pretty cool in 3D.
I wonder how often these videos will come in, by the way....

Would also be very nice if there was just a special channel to house them all. Hell, I'd even go for Nintendo Week in 3D.
Could be like the Nintendo Channel, but slightly more influenced by the Wii no Ma channel service.

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